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Socks and Sollutions

I am knitting on my first pair of socks done with knit picks sock yarn (Palette). Let me tell you it is a dream to work with!
Until now I have made socks with either 100% cotton or 90% cotton 10% rayon sock yarns. I have gotten into the bad habit of loosly knitting the first two rows of the cuff, then when sock is done strectching etc to even out. With the wool I knew I had to find some other way to deal with this. I did.
What I did is knit the first two rows with a much smaller needle, size 1. Then I knitted the third row off onto larger needles, size 4, that I would use for the bulk of the sock. Since these socks are for me, and I tend to wear slip on shoe styles unless the weather mandates that I wear boots, I will not reinforce the heal. I will switch back to a smaller needle, size 2 or 3, to knit the toes. That way it’ll make the toe section a little stronger.
I also am a very lazy knitter in many ways. I hate to throw away something if I can use it to make something that I then won’t have to buy, or will save me time and hassles. Combine that with the fact that I drink alot of coffee, and you get four things when it comes to knitting these socks: (1), Alot of empty plastic coffee canisters that dh would like for me to throw away; (2), My desire to do something creative with the empty canisters; (3), My desire to avoid having to roll into a ball yarn that is already in a ball; (4), A creative solution to the delima! What I did was use a plastic coffee canister (you seen that one coming didn’t you…lol) to solve the problem
Here’s what I did. I cut two small holes into the lid of the of the canister. I then took little strips of tape and covered the edges of the holes. I then took two small patches of fabric and cut a tiny hole into them, then taped them on the underside of the lid over the holes. I then run the yarn ends threw the holes, place the balls of yarn into the canister, then snap the lid onto the canister. Bodda-bing bodda-boom, two problems solved at once!
I have taken pictures of the “Yarn Java Jar” (as I am calling it), and will post to my blog as soon as the film can be developed.


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Found! and Pics taken

Well I found the disposible camera. It was lying on the coffee table in the livingroom right in front of me the whole time! LOL

I took pics of the frilly cuffed socks that I finished yesturday; a lacey poncho that I made for myself; a bulky poncho that I knitted, and it’s matching crocheted hat; the very first poncho that I made, and I made up the pattern for; the very first pair of socks that I knitted; and a pic of the prayer shawl in progess. I will post details of these projects when I am able to post the pics to go with them. I have another disposible camera onhand to take pics of my projects as I go along, and promise to post pics of projects mentioned as I am able to do so.

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UGH!! and My Day

This evening we went to the local Walmart. Before we left I looked and looked and looked for the disposible camera that has the pictures I took of various projects of mine–i.e. my kitchen curtains, misc. knitting projects, misc. sewing projects, etc.–and couldn’t find it! I will look again tomorrow, when dh isn’t fussing at me to hurry up, and see if I can find it. If I can’t, I will just have to get the other disposible camera and retake what pictures I can. UGH!

I finished the fuzzy cuffed socks that are to be stocking stuffers in an online quilting Christmas Stocking swap that I am in. They turned out rather cute, pics to come. They are a little big for my feet, but should (hopefully) fit my swappee. If they are a little big for her, she can wash them in hot water and they should shrink just a little, but not much.

I started a prayer shawl this evening. I have an online quilting friend who has been in poor health. She has had to have a number of sugeries since April, the most recent one just two or three weeks ago. Anyway, I thought the prayer shawl was the best and most appropriate gift that I could make/give to her. I do not know what the official prayer is, but thought I would write my own. I play at doing caligraphy, so plan on writing the prayer in caligraphy on parchment paper and including it with the prayer shawl when I send it.

I am using RedHeart yarns’ “PLUSH” in the light sage color. { ART. E719, color no. 9627} I haven’t seen a pattern like this, but is my best recolection of a stitch in a knitting pattern stitch book that I used to have. It is a basic basket weave pattern. Again, pics will be posted as soon as I can.

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I haven’t posted to my blog in awhile because I have no pictures to post along with comments on projects to show you what I am talking about. That, combined with the fact I have had one failed and two “frog” stitching episodes, is why it’s been so long since my last post. The roll of film will be finished up tonight and dropped off for processing tomorrow, I get the pics put on a cd at the same time, so I should have pics to post within the next week and a half. So, with pics soon to come, I thought I had better post.

I was at the LYS on tuesday for a day of “s-n-b” with the ladies. I had 9 balls of my favorite sock yarn I wanted to get, then I put it back. I got it out again, and again I put it back. I did this atleast a half a dozen times. Then three ladies came in to do some yarn shopping, you can sorta see this one coming can’t you? Well one of the ladies got 7 balls of the cotton sock yarn! I quickly grabbed the remaining two, without putting them back this time, to take home. It’s a rather colorful yarn- had pink, orange, blue, green, yellow, and tiny bits of purple- but I wanted to make a colorful pair of socks for my eldest son who’s a fine arts major. Now I know he isn’t likely to wear such colorful socks out and about. But he would wear them over the hollidays around me, and maybe when all of his other socks were dirty at home. He wears a size 12.5 shoe, so I calculated and started knitting a rather large sock. I was nearly half done when I realized that the ball of yarn was just over half gone! OOps! I tried, in my feeble temp. brain death sort of way, finding more of it online and couldn’t. So I frog-stitched the entire thing. Later, a kind friend on the bestest knitting group list ( www.yahoogroups.knittingchicks.com ) emailed me with where online I could get more (and for about half of what I had paided for at LYS!). So, as soon as I can, I will order enough to make ds, dil, and dgd each a matching pair of socks. For now this pair, which is nearly done and has eyelash yarn in the cuffs, will go to a Christmas Stocking Swap partner.

(After all of this I noticed something today. The sock pattern that I have already has the appropriate sizing for such a large sock. I would have had enough yarn afterall if I had used that sizing and a size larger dbl pt needle set! Oh well, I know for next time.)

While at the LYS, I also got two balls of another cotton yarn to make some socks with. I will again put eyelash yarn into the cuffs of the sock. I personally have found that this more than doubles the warmth of the ankles, plus it makes the socks a bit of a novalty. (It also ensures that my youngest ds and my dh will NEVER want to barrow the pair of socks!) The yarn is what I would call a sea foam mist color. The eyelash yarn I am planning on using with it is varegated with blues and greens in it.

Like I said, I will post the pics as soon as I can. If at all possible, I’ll slip them in where the item is discussed. But no promises on that last bit.

I will try to post more frequently from now on. Take care and God bless!

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I was working on a poncho and at some point got one stitch off count. I looked and looked and couldn’t find where I had gone gotten off count, so I simply added a stitch and went on. When I was nearing the end/bottom of the poncho with just about four inches left to do…..I saw it! Right in the midle of the “bodice”, part with the eyelash yarn, I had dropped a stitch! It was about two inches from the top…….waaaaaa waaaaaa. So I frog stitched up to the eyelash part, then set it aside for now. If I try to finish it while frusterated I’ll snip it to bits and throw in the trash. So I’ll wait till I have done a few things successfully to go back to it.Okay, the question about sweatshirts needs a little background information first. At the beginning of May, I got several sweatshirts in small sizes for my dgd for about a quarter a piece. One is pink and decorated to coordinate with one I made last year for myself. (I did mine with Mary Englebreit’s “Queen of Everything”, and dgd’s is “Princess of Quite Alot”.)The others are navy blue. One I decorated with red badana fabric and matching ruffle, also a jacket. One I used the border of a lighthouse fabric and made it into a dress. I have three navy blue sweatshirts left to do.My question is, using knitting, how can I alter/fixup the other sweatshirts? Any ideas? Suggestions? I don’t want to just knit a yoke, that’s just to predictable. I need a fresh approach. So leave your ideas in the comments for this post. Thanks.

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Dying Update #1

Well an update on the dying. The color came out beautifully! Someone said that they thought that with sythetic yarns didn’t take dye well, that the color would come out in the wash. So I thought I should give a little update.

I will soak both the muslin fabric and the yarn in a little white vinager. Then I will again dry both in the dryer. I know from experience that this will set the color in the fabric. I don’t know quite if it will set it in the yarn or not. So I will give y’all an update when that part is done. I have taken pictures, but have to wait till they are developed and put onto a cd before I can get them on my computer to post them here. (If it does set it, I think I will be dying more with koolaid as this yarn doesn’t come in this color!)

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On the knitting list that I am on, knitting-chicks on yahoo groups, there’s been a recent thread about dying yarn with koolaid. So I decided to try it for myself.

In my large pot, a 4 qt pot, I put some water and salt and several packets of koolaid. I was using a sythetic yarn, so the hot water would help instead of hurting. The yarn came out a nice shade of pink, and not the purple that the dye water was. I liked the pink, kind of a muted/dusty pink, so much. I thought, that’s the shade of pink I am wanting for a quilt block swap I am in on another list. So I went and grabbed some muslin fabric that I had and stuck it in the dye bath too! I allowed both the yarn and the fabric to sit in the dye untill they had reached the shade I wanted.

I put the yarn and the fabric into the clothes dryer to dry. It’s still drying right now, and may take another couple of times before getting fully dried. I’ll post tomorrow and let you know the results.

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