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WeGot Wheels!!!

Yesturday, after he got off of work, my dad came over and got us and took us over to a local used car lot. He lent use the money to get a new used car! WooHoo! We got wheels now! It’s a 1984 Ford Fairmont/Fairlane (not quite sure) with power stearing, working light and signals, working defrost and heater, radio, and ac that needs work. It may not seem like much to you, but considering the recent van Flambay (sp?) it’s heaven! Thank You Daddy for the loan.

Day before yesturday I got my Pants! Well okay, so I got the first book in the series “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”. I got book three not long after it came out. I soon realized it was book three and not one. I hate reading a book series out of sequence. So I went back and got book two and had book one ordered. When I went back in the little store, either it was on order, or she had just sold the copy she had. Well I went in and went ahead and paid for the book tuesday. Then as I was leaving the store owner started putting away the order that had come in the day before. She hollered as I started out the door, the book was in the order! So I got it. Reminds me sort of what time I spent in high school. We had various brotherhood and sisterhoods that wore tee shirts. We didn’t share a shirt, but there was the Ria Brothers Gonna and Pizza; the Miss Sisters Understood, Guided, Informed, and Manners. I highly recomend this book series, and I normally hate chic flicks and chick books.

Today I got a Halloween outfit for my dgd for next year. It was half price at Walmart, so both pieces cost what just one would have as late as monday. I got a big enough size that should fit her by next year.

I am going to start a poncho based on Jodi Green’s skirt “Hot Tomale” as seen on http://www.knitty.com/ in the archives. I asked and got her permission to adapt the design and post pictures, so keep in touch for updates. Before I can start this tho, I have to finish the Broadstreet Mittens for Erchin.

Well that’s about it for now.


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No Tricksters To Treat!!

Friday when I went grocery shopping I bought a big bag of treat sized bags of m & m’s to hand out for Halloween. Well over the weekend I proceded to eat almost all of them. It’s easy to do, tiny little bags one at time and before you they are gone!

So today, not wanting to caught emptied handed when kiddos come by, I walked to Walmart. I walked to the store in the cold pooring rain. I walked home in the still cold but raining much harder. Okay, so I bought pencils this time. It’d be realy fucking cool if I could say it’s cause I was concious about candy and health and teeth and blah blah blah blah, it’d be a lie but a cool one! My thinking was I (that’d be me myself!) can’t eat pencils!

I left the porch light one, to indicate we are home and handing out candy. I organized the pencils in a jar by the front door, ready to be handed out. Not a single friggin little, medium, or big teenager came by all evening! Not one! So now I have these six dozen fucking halloween pencils! I don’t need pencils! I have a collection of halloween, valentine’s, christmas, st paddy’s day, fourth of july, bank, and misc business advertising pencils! I don’t need no stinking pencils…………..I use mechanical pencils anyway because I loose pencil sharpeners!!!

Oh an online quilting friend said her son could use them so I told her I’d send them. She didn’t think I was serious. But I told her about my growing collection of pencils, so she emailed me her address. Tuesday I will mail her some Halloween pencils.


The broadstreet mittens are coming along. Hopefully they’ll be done by wednesday, thursday latest. I’ll post pic when they get done.

Well that’s about it………..for now.

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