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Well I have choosen the lace patterns from the afore mentioned book to do for my knitting olypics knee-high socks. (I’d do stockings if I had enough sock yarn in the right colors!) The patterns I have choosen are #122, wings of desire; #128, eternal flame; and to spiff up the heal a bit I am gonna tuck in this in the heal #131, medallion insert. Wings of Desire, because that’s what every olypian has to carry them threw the long hard training to get there. Eternal Flame, because that’s what the olypic flame is. And finally Medallion Insert because every olypian is going for a medal (a.k.a. medallion!). Now all I have to do is work out the placement etc so that I’ll be ready to stitch at the opening cerimonies!
There’s just one problem, I am suddenly having troubles “wanting” to finish ds#1’s second sock! (Which is ok I guess since I don’t know where to send it to in New York City!!!)

If this knitting olypic project comes out good, I will wait to post pics. Why? Well if it turns out good I want to submit to http://www.knitty.com/ for possible publication in this summer’s “Extremeties” issue! If it turns out just okay, well as soon as I get over the disappointment I’ll post pics.


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Okay okay okay, I am such a followere! VBG! But I signed up for the knitting olypics! (When I can get help, and or learn how to do it, I’ll try and post a button concerning them. For now, however, just google Yarn Harlette’s Knitting Olypics. I will be doing knee socks, I have only done ankle socks untill now. Dgd’s socks were ankle, both ds#3’s and ds#1’s were ankle, so this will be why knee socks for me. Also I will choosing a lace pattern to use on them as I have never used a fine yarn like fingering weight on a lace pattern and it be successfull before.

What lace pattern? Well I am still debating that. I will be choosing the pattern from Vogue Knitting’s “Stitchionary: volume one, knit and purl” but don’t haven’t determined the exact stitch pattern yet. Picture of the book is to the left. If you have a copy of this book, look at the lace patterns and leave a comment with a suggestion as to which lace pattern you recomend. I’d be greatful any/all help offered!

I also have to go survey my sock yarn, most of my stash is sock yarn, and choose which to use. I guess knowing the stitch pattern should help me to choose which yarn.

General Update
Still no new news from ds#1 in New York City. I guess it’s about time to send another “mom-snappy” email and hope he gets it! I did leave a message on his voicemail for his phone, which is working again so he must have it back, saying to call. So maybe tonight when he can use his anytime minutes hopefully he’ll call.

I am charging up the Swiffer Sweeper and recharging the batteries for the Swiffer Wet Jet. I think it’s about time I de-grime the kitchen floor. Well okay, it’s not that bad but it does need doing. I want to replace the Swiffer Duster so I can dust the ceiling fans, and get the cobwebs without risking falling off of a chair while stretching out to reach them! UGH, I hate housework! (Also have laundry to finish up.)

Maybe I’ll post more later tonight, but no promises.

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Sox For DS#1

Well I finished DS#1’s first sock. I started, but just barely, the second sock of the pair. If the bugger finally lets me know the requested contact info for him, I hope to send the socks (along with other goodies!) in a Valentine’s Day care package. But that will depend entirely on whether or not he emails the contact info to me in time for me to mail!

Last email from ds#1 stated he was busy looking for a place to live while in the city. I wish he’d keep in better contact with me, I do worry so. I am his mother and will worry no matter how old he gets. Doesn’t he understand that just what moms do! ( My own mother worries about me if I wait too long between calls, and she lives in the next town over from me not half way across the country!)

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Well I have heard from ds#1 in NYC. I emailed him a worried email the other day as mentioned in previous post. He emailed me back a descriptive account of his morning last saturday upon arriving at the Port Authority. I then emailed him again but didn’t hear back for a couple of days. So earlier this evening, friday, I sent him an email that said “EMAIL YOUR MOTHER!!” atleast 250 times. I got a quicker responce saying he was busy looking for a place to stay. So I emailed him again, and again he responded. (Personal stuff won’t shair here.)

He is doing well for the most part, except for the part of looking for a place to stay. Just thought I’d let y’all know.

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The jacket for my dgd is done! If ericah64 would email me, she had the winning suggestion. She wins her choice of either something from my quilting stash, or something from my yarn/knitting stash, I just need her information so I can send her her prize choice.

She suggested a Disney Princess [DP]. I love Mary Englebreit’s “Queen of Everything”, and have dubbed my grand daughter “The Princess of Quite Alot”. So the DP idea seemed appropriate. I couldn’t find any appliques locally, and wouldn’t be able to order any online and get them in the mail and get the jacket done by my deadline. The fabric I found with the differant DP’s on it were just too big for the jacket’s size, toddler size 3 {too big for her now unless worn on top of other layers of clothing}, so making my own appliques weren’t an option either. Well last friday evening when shopping at the Walmart Suppercenter I discovered that their DP was the exact same as at the local small tiny Walmart Express. However the helpful ladies pointed out that on the sales rack was some Tinker Bell {TB} fabric. Badda bing, badda boom, I got a 1/4yard of it.

There is a fullsized TB on each sleave, and two on the back yoke that face each other. There is two small TB’s, one on each pocket, on the front of the jacket. I used fusible web on the back of the TB’s then ironed them onto the jacket. I then stitched down the edges of the TB’s with some pink thread. I then painted, using some glow-in-the-dark pink acrylic paint, a thin line around the TB’s to seal the edges. I smeared some paint with my finger on the edges of the top pockets, then just at the openings of the lower pockets. I also put small dabs of the paint on top of each of the snaps that were left exposed. Jacket is done in plenty of time to be mailed next week for dgd to get for Valentine’s Day!

Gauntlettes Done!!!

Here is the finished gauntlettes. I pickedup four stitches on the center inside of each gauntlette and did a four stitch I cord, then I did a three needle bindoff to attach the cords at the center. This way the gauntlettes can be put inside dgd’s coat and even if she takes them off, they won’t get lost! I only wished I had enough of this Koolaide dyed yarn to make my dil a pair of gauntlettes to match!


Early saturday morning I got a phone call from ds#1, unfortunately sometime during the night the batteries on the handset to the cordless phone had decided to die. As I listened to him leave a message on the answering machine, all I could do was cry and scream at the phone! DS#1 had arrived at the bus station in New York City. He tried all of his contact numbers and hadn’t been able to get ahold of anyone. He sounded upset, and all I could do was listen. I tried calling his cel phone number but kept getting a recording that the phone was out of service. This doubled my worry and upset! I had to call my mom, about another matter, last night and mentioned ds#1’s message. She said that he had called her house and spoke to my grandmother (who’s staying with them this month) and my Aunt that lives next door. It seems that ds and dil had decided to let their cell phones go while he is in NY. {It’s just too expencive to keep a Tennessee area code while in NY City!} Ds’s inlaws have their phone blocked from accepting calls from calling cards, so ds couldn’t get ahold of dil dirrectly. {He had to call dil’s aunt and have her go over and get dil so that he could call her.} Dil had made the arrangements for ds to stay at a nearby YMCA until he could get into the room threw the school on monday/tuesday, and ds needed the contact info. from her. Now if the boy would just call me back!

My upperback has been out for most of the last five days. I finally broke down yesturday and called the doctor and asked for a refill on my medication. DH doesn’t get paid until tomorrow, so my mom picked up my medicine and brought it to me earlier this evening. {We’ll pay her back friday morning when we go to her work-Walmart Supercenter-to do our grocery shopping.} So this is the first relatively low pain time that I have had for the last several days!

Well that’s about it for now.

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More For Summer

Sorry for the wretched quality of these pictures. But what do you expect from a $20 Walmart digital camera, perfection? LOL, well not with me operating the camera you don’ t get it!

Anyway, here’s the first of two little guantlettes for my dgd. The yarn is one of the ones I dyed myself, and I am calling the color “Mad Hatter”. It’s purples, reds, and pinks reminding me of the Red Hat Society stuff, so hence the name. The guantlette pattern is my variation of the “Dragonscale Guantlette” found at: http://chartreuseknits.blogspot.com/2005/09/dragon-scale-gauntlet-pattern.html When completed, these will go in the Valentine’s Package I am sending to my dgd.

Jacket Update

Update about the jacket contest. I like the suggestion about it needing a Disney Princess, but here’s my problem. I haven’t been able to find any iron ons locally. The princess’s on the fabric are too big, so making the iron on myself is out. The idea about the bedazzler, well I cannot afford it before the jacket is to be mailed, so that idea is out. The idea about some crystal beading, what would be safe to be worn by a todler, washed and dried repeatedly, and not involve alot of fuss? NO FABRIC PAINT, my painting talents are limited and my son and dil are both highly tallented artists. Not even going to attempt this one, atleast not now.

To sum the contest idea leaders up, tied at the moment is the Disney Princess idea, and the idea to leave the jacket as it is. There’s still another week to enter/help me out with. I am greatfull for any and all ideas.


Well dh has only changed his mind about the computer thing atleast four times in the last week. I am still thinking if I expect nothing then anything is “gravy” as they say.

My youngest son brought home his report card earlier this week. He made straight “A’s” again. Yippie!!!

DH got a “Perfect Attendance” award at work today. I nice heavy machine embroidered gray flannel shirt jacket. Good job for hubby. In fact he hasn’t missed even a single day of work since he started the job back on July 19 of 2004!

Well that’s about it for now. Take care and please please please, keep the ideas for the jacket coming!

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I’m Baaaaaaaaaaaack!!!

I have been horribbly, wretchedly, terribly bad at posting! I mean realy, it’s been over two months since my last post. I can list the excusesm, (i.e. depression, illness, hollidays out of town, forgetfulness, etc), but it amounts to I f***ed up and didn’t post! Please forgive me, or(if you wish) beat me with a long wet noodle…hehehehehe.

Summer’s Jazzy Jacket-your votes/input needed

Sorry for the quality of these pictures. This is the jean jacket I am dolling up for my grand-daughter, Summer. It needs something, but just what? I need some input. Short of carrying it with me, stopping complete strangers and asking them for input, I thought I’d ask y’all. I want the jacket to be “toddler fashionista” when I am done, and not “victom of a crafter”! I need some help. Please post comments as to what you think the jacket needs to be toddler fashionista. The winning comment will get their choice of either, (1) some little something from my knitting stash, (2)some little something knitted for them [i.e. felted needle bag, scrunchie, etc.], or (3) quilting fabric from my quilting stash. I want to mail the jacket priority mail in time for her to get it for valentine’s day, so I’ll choose a winning idea on the 27th of this month. That gives y’all two weeks to rescue me…hehehehe…PLEASE!


Again, I am sorry for the quality of these pictures. Okay, so the tittle could be misleading.
I know today is Friday the 13th, but for me it was a lucky day indeed! My most recent http://www.knitpicks.com/ order came in the mail. Contained within this order were two hanks of “Wool of the Andes” ‘paint your own’ fingering weight yarn. Now I know my oldest son, Summer’s daddy, wanted me to knit his socks and let him dye the socks himself. But he will just have to wait for that pair of socks! (Atleast till I get the money to order more such yarn, and provided I don’t go gonzo again with the koolaide! roflol….hehehehe) The pictures are a bit misleading on the color–cheap digital camera and operator error–but here’s the result of my koolaide dying. [You see, the knitpicks catalog came today to, and in it were instructions on drinkmix dying in the microwave!] I just wish that I had ordered more of the ‘paint your own’ yarn, and had more koolaide too!

General Stuff Update

Well my dh has decided NOT to get me a new computer with tax return monies afterall, waaa waaa waaa. For some reason, tongue firmly in cheek here, he wants to save the money and/or pay on bills. All is not a total loss, if he holds to his latest rant (and there’s no garuntee as it seems to change daily almost), atleast I should get a good [not just decent!] digital camera! Will keep you updated, I swear!

My youngest son brought home his most recent report card yesturday. Two amazing things about this, (1)he brought it home the day he got it to bring home–first time in his 15.5 years!, (2)he effectively made straight A’s! What do I mean efeectively? He is pulled out of his last class of the day ten or fifteen minutes after it starts so that he can get on the special education bus to come home. The class is EARTH SCIENCE, deffinately a hands-on kid in class kind of subject. So we do not “count” that grade, considering that the teacher said if he were able to be in the entire class he’d be making an A in it, when we talk about his grades at home. Woo Hoo!

Well that’s about all for now. I promise, I swear I do, to keep better updates from now on.

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