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Woo Hoo!! Yippie!! I did it, I finished my Olympians last friday evening. My dh had to work on saturday, so friday he came home from work and wanted to go grocery shopping. I called the LYS in that town and the owner agreed to wait (nearly 45 minutes after closing) so that I could get the re-enforcement thread that I needed to finish my socks. I came home, put away groceries, fixed and served dinner, then sat down and finished my socks! I wore them to bed and then again the next day! {I need to let the Yarn harlotte know that I had finished in time.}

Then saturday when dh came home from work, he wanted to go back to the LYS so I could spend the tiny check that came in friday’s mail on yarn. I asked why not the Super Walmart for their seasonal novelty yarns, and he said okay. I get their and the yarns that had been marked down to $2 each the night before (and since early January) had been marked down to $1! I got 23 balls of the one type I very nearly bought the night before for $2 each in 7/8 differant colorways!!


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Olympians KO Update

Here’s today’s update picture of my Knitting Olympics (KO) socks. I have decided to leave out the three yellow colors of yarn. Instead I’ve used two pinks and a red, the three purples, and will use the three blues, the three greens, white, and black. I am waiting to decide on whether or not I will still use the three grays. So far it seems I am just about halfway done with the leg portion. But since I am making this up as I go, I’ll check again after I get the blues finished and done atleast one of the greens.

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Here’s a pic of the first “Olympian” sock as it was about an hour ago. I choose a project that was a challange for me to do. Afterall, the idea of the Knitting Olympics is stretch and challange our skills as knitters.

Now I know this is a rant. I know it’s being picky. I know that I am being a bitch, but I just have to rant.

There are knitters participating in KO who seemed to have missed the point of the challange. They chose projects that they knew they could easily do. And in fact were able to complete in less than a day. This, IMHO , is missing the objective to the point of cheating! If it was easily completed, then it wasn’t a challange. If it wasn’t a challange, then it didn’t meet the objective. If it didn’t meet the objective, then to consider it is in fact cheating!

Please feel free to tell how horrible I am for posting this rant, or having this opinion. You comment will be deleated if you are too chicken to leave your name.

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I finished the first of the pair of socks for my dh. You know your man loves you when you talk him into wearing lace socks! Anyway, the pattern was in practice for my Knitting Olypics project. I started this sock early saturday morning, about 8 am, and finished it around 2 pm today. Hopefully I can get the second ond done before friday evening when I will start my Knitting Olypics project.

We got our state income tax refund back today. We paid bills–electric, water, phone, cable tv, and my internet–and dh got me my Valentine’s Day pressies.

I got this bright pink dated collector’s bear from Walmart–I collect teddy bears, and especially the valentines ones but not the Christmas ones–and heart box of Whitmans candies, and a mushy card. (I preffer the funny ones personally.) DH is getting the socks pictured above.

Well I know this isn’t much of an update. I am trying to save as much updating as I can for when I get the new computer etc.

Still waiting on another word from Artboy in NYC. It’s been a couple or so days, and it’s about time for me to send off another “mom-snappy” email to him!

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I am getting excited now! Last wednesday we e-filed our tax return. The closer the time gets here for the refund to be in the more excited I am getting! I will get to get a new computer, a scanner/copier/printer combo, AND a decent digital camera! Ok, the camera will be a discontinued model that is on sale, but it’ll be daggum bit better than the currant $20 Walmart cheapie that I have. I can hardly wait!!!

Last thursday I went to the LYS as I had planned. I took a number of pictures while I was there. I got home then friday went to download the pictures to my computer. The batteries had gone dead on the camera and I lost all of the pictures that I had taken. Ugh! Anyway, I did make a couple of purchases. I got two new sets of dbl pt needles, both Brittany Birch, sizes #0 and #1. I already had those sizes but the size ones are a bit warped. I got these two sizes because they are the sizes that I like using for socks. Now if I want I can do both socks at once on seperate sets. Or, and this is usually what happens, if I have a project going on one set and want to go ahead and start another one…now I can.

Every two or so days I get some sort of message or one liner from the NYC kiddo. I just wish he’d write me a real message or give me a phone call! (He could even call me collect if he would just call!!!)

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New Doo!

If you see a picture of me here, then I got ds#3 (hereafter reffered to as “Erchin“) or someone else to take it for me. But today I got a haircut. What’s the big deal you ask? Well normally I get my hair cut 3-4 times a year. I get it cut way shorter than I care for, let it grow out till it’s way longer than I care for! But not today. Today I got it cut just the length I like! The style is an old one that’s new again. [Yes, I know I am finally getting old enough that styles in fashion and hair are coming back into vogue again!] The style is called “pixie cut”, and it’s one that I have had for most of my childhood and life for that matter! I got the short length in back that I dearly love but plenty of hair on top. I can style it and be girlie if I feel like it. Or I can simply towel dry it and call it done if I choose. {Did dh notice? No, atleast not until I pointed it out!}

NYC Update
I basically emailed ds#1 (hereafter reffered to as “Artboy“) that he didn’t have to send details if atleast once every day or so he’d atleast email “STILL ALIVE”. That would enough to let me know that he was still okay, even if not great. So tonight I check emails and got some that said …..”As your son pinches himself, yup still alive”! ROFLOL Gotta love him!!!

S-N-B Thursday….maybe!
Dh game home from not feeling quite well. He didn’t eat his lunch, and he didn’t eat dinner. This is soooooo not like him! Anyway, I was planning on going to next town over to the LYS for a day of S-N-B tomorrow. (My ride cannot get back home untill an hour and a half after dh gets off of work and Erchin get home from school on the bus.) DH said that he’d come straight home so he could be here for Erchin when he gets off of the bus. DH said, even after admitting he didn’t feel well, that I should go ahead and go. So unless he is ill enough to stay home from work in the morning, I am planning on going ahead and going. I used to go 3-4 times a month untill the ride changed to coming back so late. I haven’t been in months! I need some S-N-B time with the “girls”!!!

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Sox For DS#1 Are FINISHED!

I finished ds#1’s socks! Well, atleast the first pair of them. (The second will have to wait until I can afford to order the yarn he wanted them made out of.) He requested ankle socks, so he is getting ankle socks. The color patterning doesn’t quite match. But I am of the opinion that with this yarn that doesn’t realy matter much. And since I am the one who made them, my opinion was the deciding factor in not even attempting to match them up.

I am now going to work on my dh’s socks. (He’s been waiting for several months patiently for me to decide to even start them.) I finally got him tho agree that a pattern was alright for the socks. The reason I wanted to do a pattern is so that I can practice atleast one of the patterns choosen for my “Olypians”, which is what the working tittle is for my knitting olypics knee high socks. Dh’s socks will be from http://www.knitpicks.com/ yarn, “Essential”, the color PINE. Because he requested regular length crew socks, that’s what he’ll get. Ds#1’s socks took me about 5 days to complete, so dh’s socks should be done before the opening cerimonies for the olypics (which is when I can start “Olypians”). I’ll post pics as the socks progress.


Heard from ds#1 in an email. He’s still hunting for a place to stay, and is extremely busy. If you are given to, please pray for him and keep him in your prayers.

Computer Update

We heard from the accountant yesturday. She believes that today she’ll be able to e-file our return today. So dh and I talked about computers again. He said that I deffinately will be getting a new computer! He even said that I could get the laptop that I had wanted. But I yesturday I had seen a PC that I actually want more. It’s got a far faster processor, almost twice the hard drive, and tons more software preloaded than does that laptop. I told him that I was going to put a printer/scanner/combo in layaway, but he said I could get that too! Woo Hoo!!! Now I can hardly wait for the next two weeks till the money comes in!!!


Well that’s about it for now. When I get the new computer and prenter you should check back often. With them it’ll be far easier for me to keep this updated on a regular basis.

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