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NYC Socks

Okay due to the comments posted and the personal emails that I have received, I will be posting the pattern for the socks! It’ll be a week or so before I can get to where I can even consider posting, but I will post the pattern. In the meen time, what do I call them? I had refered to them as the NYC Brat’s socks due to the fact oldest son (aka Artboy) is in NYC for another couple of weeks or so. But the socks need their own name. So………………….any Ideas?


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They are finally done! These babies will go into the mail tomorrow, I am done. No the stitch patterns do NOT match! No, the guage does NOT match! No they will not be worn more than once, twice at the most! It sure would be easier to knit this kid socks if he were close enough I could size them as I knitted, but alas he insists that as an adult be allowed to act one. (LOL)

One person expressed interest in the pattern. If I get atleast three people replying to this post expressing an interest in the pattern I will post it. (That’ll mean knitting another sock, or pair of them this time for ME!) So post a comment here if you are interested in my pattern for “Toe-up on DBL PTS Sock Pattern”.

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I was nearly done with sock no.2 of NYC Brat’s pair of socks and decided to check it against this first sock. Eeek! The second sock was knitted with less tension than the first! What to do, what to do. I left message on the Brat’s cell phone to call I had urgent question about the socks. You see if he was only going to wear them that one time (maybe twice) I’d just finish the second sock and send as is. If, however, he was going to wear them for some time before using them in or to create another art piece, I would need to frog the second sock and re-do it. Time is short, so I left the message. Brat called and said that they would be fine. (He also took yet another oppertunity to tell me to quit stressing and worrying so much about them! Yeah right, like he doesn’t stress over his artwork!..lol) I’ll get picture(s) taken and posted tomorrow sometime, just not in the mood to do it right now.

Finally today I was able to get back to MY knitting. I did two repeats on my Adamas Shawl, and spent almost no time working on it! I had gotten so used to working with the lace weight yarn that working with the fingering weight yarn felt huge and foreign in my hands! LOL! It’s nice to get back to my lace, and knitting for myself, and purple!!! This is also my KTC’s “Moll Flanders” project, I have two weeks until the completion deadline. No worries, I have 8 repeats left and the border.

After my Adamas Shawl is done I have to get mom’s cruise stole finished. I will have about two to three weeks left to get it done. This should leave enough time for mom to be able to take it around and show it off. However, I realy have about three weeks to finish. As far as I am concerned, she can take it around and show it off whenever they get back from the cruise!

Hubby (and I) still need your prayers. He hasn’t yet found a job, and if he doesn’t soon ….well, just prayer for us.

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Here’s a picture of the first, and completed, sock of the pair. The knitting needle is 14inches long and in the picture only as a size comparison to the sock. The sock stetches atleast another four inches, so it should fit his size 12/13 foot (I hope) okay. It’s a tube sock so there’s no heal flap. I need to get these done and in the mail too quick to have to futz about with turning a heal.

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This is my progress on sock no. 1 of the pair. In just about 24 hours of work, I have about 8.25″ done on the sock. I have never done toe up socks before, and I am designing this myself. You cannot tell from the picture, but I am doing two differant stitch patterns: (1) american moss stitch; (2) false ribbing pattern. This is to be a tube sock, no heal turning involved, so it’s just straight forword tube made long enough for his size 12-13 foot, curve around his heal, and end somewhere around his ankle.

I am proud of my progress so far. But dh keeps poking jest at my being so slow at it. I asked him if he were knitting them how far would he have been. He replied nowhere, I’d just go buy a package of socks instead! Ugh, men.

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Well today my last order from Knit Picks came in the mail: 2 hanks of “Paint Your Own” fingering/sock wool, and 1 hank of lace weight “Paint Your Own” wool. Becasue it has the closest deadline, I am working on NYC Brat’s PYO ankle high toe up tube socks, and placed all other projects on temp. hold.

I have never done toe socks before, and these are of my own design! When I am done, if there’s enough interest, I’ll see about posting a pattern.

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Well dh went to the job interview this morning. It looks like he might well have the job, I’ll keep you updated.

If you have an interesting blog, or are member of one of the KAL’s that I am in and would like me to place a button on my sidebar, email me your blog addy and I’ll check it out. I’ll do my best to add the button as soon as I can.

Caffinna at brightok dot net

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