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We had a nice cordless phone. It would last nearly a week off the base before needing to recharge. While dh was in hospital I had left the phone on the base. This, as some of you will know, reprogramed the rechargable batteries. The phone thought that if it was off of the base it needed to recharge. So you might make it threw a conversation, or the phone might start beeping and going dead after just a couple of minutes.

Friday, during a very important filing for benefits for dh phone call, the phone went clean smooth dead after just one minute off of the base! DH went off the wall, so to speak, and I became a controled basket case. The appointment was reset for the next day.

I called my mom and said it was an emergency, we had to have a new phone that night for the appointment phone call the next morning. Mom, since this took place at about the time she got off of work, got us a phone and brought it right over. She then insisted on taking me to Walmart. She wanted to get help us further by getting us a few groceries. I said that a couple of loaves of bread was we needed. She said are you sure, and I said yes. There were snackage and luxery foods that would be nice to have, but the bread was all that was truely needed.

My mom is such a sweetie. She got us some luxery foods and snackage food items to help ease the boredom of foodstamp end of month eating. She asked if her helping us out like this would make me feel bad, long histery/story with this, and I said no. That I had a whole stack of red and white dish/wash cloths made for, and she would now be subjected to whole bunch of cloths in a bunch of differant colors. She said that she wouldn’t need/use any but the red and white ones, but she realy wanted were some more red doilies. She even bought the no.10 bedspread weight cotton for me to make them.

Saturday I tried several times to start a crochet doily. Tried and frogged, and tried and frogged many times. Nothing seemed right. Not right looking, not right pattern, me not in right mood. What I wanted to do was knit. So yesturday I was looking at my size 5 (us) addi straight needles and the cotton, and it hit me. The bedspread weight cotton was approximately the diameter of lace weight yarns, many lace patterns that I have on my “To-Do” list call for size 5 (us) needles, I’ll knit my own design! I flipped threw my “365 Knitting Patterns a Year Calendar” {a million thanks again sp8 pal!} and decided on the “Lacey Diamonds” pattern on July 29th.

My KEMP for this month, well part of it, is 6 doilies for my mother. This one is the first, and it will be a table runner doily for the coffee table. The pattern is just involved enough to keep me interested, without being so complicated I want to commit homicide! Here’s the progress so far, less than 24 hours and I am around 1/3 of the way done!

There’s other stuff going on, but it’s too personal and to immediate for me to post about just now. Please continue to keep us in your prayers.


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I have decided not to push it to 45 cloths, that’d be another 6 cloths by Monday night. Sorry, but I need a break from so many cloths that are going mainly into my stash. If I push on to 45, I am afraid that I might just burnout on cloths for awhile, and I don’t want to do that.

I did make it to goal no.1, and had 40 done by last night. (Couldn’t get blogger to load the pics till now.)
Here’s cloths 35 and 36, small washcloth for dgd on the left. Crocheted coaster on the right.

From lower left corner going clockwise: #37, grandma’s favorite coaster; #38, diamond lace dish/washcloth; #39, grandma’s favorite “kite” shaped cloth to hang over my kitchen sink and look pretty; #40, crocheted “popcorn” stitch dish scrubby.

I was tagged with a MEME. Since I do not, under any circumstance, participate in any chain letter of any kind for any cause or reason, I have chosen to answer the MEME by posting here. If you are reading this consider yourself tagged! Copy the MEME, deleat my answers, then post the MEME with your answers on your blog. Please leave a comment letting me know you’ve done this and I’ll come check it out.

­Subject: Four Things

A) Four jobs I have had in my life:
1. Fast Food resturant worker
2. Waitress-pancake resturant and a cocktail waitress
3. Babysitting
4. Housekeeper

B) Four movies I would watch over and over:
1.The Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood
2. The Joy Luck Club
3. any one of the Matrix trilagy
4.any one of the Lord of the Rings trilagy

C) Four places I have lived:
1.Tulsa, Oklahoma
2.Pryor, Oklahoma
3.Grove, Oklahoma
4. Jay, Oklahoma

D) Four TV shows I love to watch:
1.Law and Order-all of them

E) Four places I have been on vacation:
Vacation, you mean people still take those?
1. Silverdollar City
2.Long Island, New York
3.Lake Hudson in Oklahoma
4.Conroe, Texas

F) Websites I visit daily: (or semi-weekly):
1. http://www.knitpicks.com/
2. http://www.knitty.com/
3. http://magknits.com/
4. too many to narrow down to just 4

G) Four of my favorite foods:
1.shrimp scampi
2.my own homemade tomato soup
3.Pingles chips

H) Four places I would rather be right now:
1.a tropical beach…alone with my knitting and an endless supply of yarn!
2. still at that beach
3. again at that beach
4. I need a vacation at that beach!

I) Four friends I think will respond:
1. my sp8 pal
2. my KTC book swap pal
3. cannot think of anyone else, not many cause I don’t do chain letters so alot won’t out of protest or something
4. read answer 3

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More Cloths…an update

Because of one of the lists I am on, I have done some calculations and reconfigured my goal. I still have a goal of 45 by month’s end. But I figured that was basically 1.5 cloths a day, so by tomorrow evening the goal is have 40 done. Oh, I plann on continuing on till the end of the month, but groups deadline is tomorrow so my goal for the group is 40 by tomorrow.

At last count I had 28. To the left is cloth 29! To the right is cloth 30. Cloths 31-34 are Grandmother’s Favorite coasters. Just six more cloths in next 24 hours…..ez pz!

Check out the SockWars post that appears bellow/before this this post, and link in the sidebar to the right. I have signed up as an asassin, have my selection of dbl pts fully loaded and waiting, and amunition (aka selection of sock yarns) sitting at the ready! So beware…..It’s Kill or be killed!!!!!!!!!

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Check this out…..I joined so beware!!!!!

  • SockWars..A-BattleToTheDeath!
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    Cloth no.28

    Rhonda White’s lighthouse design.
    Cloth no. 28 is for dh who collects lighthouses!

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    Here is cloths 19-21. The two smaller cloths are soap dish rugs. Just incase you’re unsure what a soap dish rug is, well it’s a rug to put inside the soap dish. Second pic. is of one of the rugs at work in my bathroom shower.

    Cloths 22-24. The big cloth has two cables on it that don’t show in the pic. It’s red and white so it’s another one for my mother. The two smaller cloths are actually coasters for me!

    Cloth 25. This one is just my version of “Grandmother’s favorite”. Again, being it’s red and white, is for my mother.

    Cloth 26.
    This one is a checkboard design, but you can’t realy tell in the pic. It is quite big, a little bigger and I could have made it a towel! It works up so quick too. (Couple of hours!)

    Cloth 27,

    This cloth I made into a soap saver bag. It is currently hanging from the shower head in my shower!

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    Well the heat finally won, and dh shaved his head and his beard off. He atleast, so far anyway, is keeping the mustache. I am suprised, to be honest, that he kept it as long as he did. I had thought he’d probably shave right after getting home 8 days ago. He did his best to keep it, but finally the heat (and a desire to change) dictated shaving. [I do like the bald head too!]

    Cloths number 17 and 18. Yeah, I know I got behind. I got a heck of alot of catching up to do in order to meet my goal.

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