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Mail, Stockings, and so On

I got back to some “me” knitting, well sort of. Here’s the progress I have made on my swap stocking so far. I know, not alot more than last time, but I just picked it back up today. It’s going great, looking good so far, but daggumit fairisle is sloooooooooow! I only until the 15 of November to get it done, stuffed, and mailed. So family, friends, and commissioned knitting is set aside for the moment. (But only for the moment!)

We went and checked the mail today, and inside the PO Box was locker key. So I trudged around the corner to the lockers and opened it up. Inside was my substitute Whenever Group’s Bottle Swap package! Kim spioled me wrotten indeed!

Starting at the 12 o’clock postion, and going clockwise, there is: Sockblocker keychain, will hold in reserve incase anything happens to the one holding my keys; postit notes, looks like the front pocket of jeans with a dainty bandana tucked inside pocket; a Mary Englebreit magnetic note pad, which I will hide so my family won’t use it; several sock patterns purchased in pdf form online, cool socks that look fun and interesting to make; little baggie with two sock shaped point protectors & two sheep stitch/place markers, these are sooo adorable I can hardly beleive they aren’t jewlry; and finally two skeins of wonderful sock yarn in my favorite color of purples, and each skein comes with it’s own card of matchin reinforcement thread. (Note while a differant fiber content and a differant yarn, it’s the same identica; color of the yarn I am using to make purpy’s complementary socks!)

I deleated most of the blogthings I had obsessively posted the other night. Even I thought I had gone overboard, and since this is my blog, I deleated them.

It is the end of the month, and food is running out in this house. I very likely will have to go ask a charity for help tomorrow. I hate doing that, but don’t know what else to do. (By the way, we aren’t out of food and won’t starve. It’s just we are getting low enough that I am panicking.)

I have signed up again for Whenever’s next bottle swap. I have been picking up little items along the way as I can afford them. I have some little charms, some adorable kiche notepads, and misc other items that I have collected. I even have a holliday tee shirt which, if my partner is accepting of such things, that I got on sale in January and have held on to for just such a swap!


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purse and an update

Here’s a scan/pic of the purse I want to make out of Christmas fabrics. The finished size of this purse is approx. 5.5″ x 7.25″ x 3.75″, so it’s a small purse. Now if I could find some Curious George fabrics locally, I been banned from Ebay so I can’t get those, I’d make it out of those for dgd.

My fabric stash, well 95% of it, is being stored at my parents’ home in Rubber Maid 22 gallon tubs. Don’t have the room to get it out and go threw it to be able to quilt, and we needed to use the hall closet as (of all things) a closet. So stash went into storage for now.

Anyway, back to the purse. I’d like to make it for my mother and use it as a sort of “gift wrapping” for her present at Christmas. Or make the version for dgd for same reason.

This year I am seriously considering the following in order to save a little money. Using the cheap acrylic yarn I have and hate to knit with to knit (yes I know sounds crazy) gift bags for pressies. This way I could use up the yucky yarns and NOT have to buy wrapping papers, tape, etc. But time will play a big part in this idea for sure! I still have commissioned sock and knitting jobs to finish before hollidays, finish working on pressies, start and finish other pressies, and the dull drum of daily life to get threw too so knitted pressie bags may or may not happen this year.

I appoligize for the colossil lack of regular posts. Having dh home 24/7 has played real havick on my blogging and schedule in general.

DH continues to heal physically and is doing well in that area. (No further details will be given here for the non-physical.) Erchin made 3 A’s, 2 B’s, and 2 C’s on his report card he brought home today. (I owe him $15 for the good job!)

I might possibly have found me a “free” little doggie! I’ll find out more details and will let y’all know. If I do get the doggie, I’ll be sure to post pic of the adopted fur baby……..wish me luck!

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quiz #4

Ah this one is the truest of them all so far~

You Are an Espresso
At your best, you are: straight shooting, ambitious, and energetic

At your worst, you are: anxious and high strung

You drink coffee when: anytime you’re not sleeping

Your caffeine addiction level: high

What Kind of Coffee Are You?

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quiz #3

You Are a Life Blogger!
Your blog is the story of your life – a living diary.
If it happens, you blog it. And make it as entertaining as possible.
What Kind of Blogger Are You?

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message for "Purpy"

This post was going to be a temp. message for a friend of mine, but I decided to make it a permanant post as well.

Purpy this is the yarn I have that I thought of first that you might like. The fiber content is: 45% cotton, 42% virgin wool, 13% polyamide. As I think you can tell from this picture it is all purply-lavendarish in its coloring!

Go ahead and get the yarn as I had mentioned in the email for socks that you want and send the yarn to me. I decided that I would go ahead and use this yarn to make you an extra pair of socks which I have tittled “Purplefeind Socks”!

To the right is a very poor picture of the start of sock number one. These socks will be made toe-up instead of cuff-down. One reason I am willing to do these for a sweetheart deal is because you are so willing to take whatever I make provided they fit. So I am experimenting with these. I’ll keep you updated here.

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Migrainne Hell

I had had a migrainne for most of three days. Well saturday it seemed to peak when I tossed my breakfast, and the pain went with the tossing. But the aura remained. I went ahead and had dh drop Erchin and I off at the LYS where we were to wait untill my mother got off of work to take us out to her house to spend the night. My Uncle was coming in to take my grandmother back home and would be there overnight.

Anyway, we got there and Erchin was pouting about having to spend about 3.5 hours sitting in a yarn shop. So Fran, shop owner and all around wonderful person, took Erchin over to Walmart where mom works so that he could play in electronics while he waited. I was knitting along just fine, when all of a sudden the migrainne was back with full vengence akin to my hit upside the head with a mac truck! I had trouble vocusing, couldn’t count to save my life, and apparently lost color because the ladies were a bit scared. I had to have help putting my stuff away. And one of the ladies lead me to the back of the shop so I could lie down in relative darkness. I dozed off, but my head hurt so bad that I couldn’t get to deep sleep or sleep for long. When my mother arrived to pick me up, I had to have help out to and into the car.

I got to my parents’ home and had to be lead to their bed so that I could lie down. When dinner was ready, I had Erchin help me outside to smoke a ciggerette. I thought maybe it might settle my stomach enought I could atleast attempt eating dinner. Well both my eyes were diolated, tears gushed from eyes due paing even though I wasn’t crying, and it scared Erchin. It scared him enough he went inside and told my mother she needed to take me to the ER.

At the ER my blood pressure was 149/94, a sure sign of great pain I am told, and both eyes were fully diolated. I got a shot for neaseau, and a shot of demerol for the pain. I was told to see my regular doctor about the migrainnes. Since dh has dr’s appt. this wednesday anyway, I’ll just see the dr. then, no point in making an extra trip and spending too much on gas right?

I slept saturday night, most all day sunday, sunday night, most of the day today, and will sleep the night tonight. I HATE FRIGGIN MIGRAINNE HEADACHES WITH A PASSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Almost two weeks ago I got this lovely gianormous stocking from my Whenever Sock Club group’s stocking swap. Across the front of the stocking is a christmas tree done in intarsia. Stitched down on top is a garland of little santas and christmas tree light bulbs. Across the foot of the stocking done in intarsia is my first name. Across the heal of the stocking is the year done in intarsia. The cuff, heal, toe, and tree are green; the information is white; and the body of the stocking is ofcourse Christmas red.

The contents of the stocking, starting at 9 o’clock and going clockwise, are: (1.) Holliday Bath Gel Set, with glittery bath gel in a cristmas tree shaped squeeze container, a mini bath scrubbie, and it’s in a reusuable little bag; (2.) Holliday Bath Confetti in a hard plastic Christmas Tree shaped reusable container; (3.) Christmas Tree shaped playing cards; (4.) Blank Christmas note cards; (5.) “J” shaped postit notes; (6.) Calculator to put in my knitting bag, whoopie!; (7.) Little sweater shaped dbl. pt. needle holders; (8.) Two candy cane stiped ink pens; (9.) A blank book journal. Thanks Cathy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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