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This is picture of my “niece” with Santa Clause. Okay, okay, okay, so it’s my brother and sister-in-law’s (SIL) dog Roxxie with Santa Clause. I guess that makes her my Doggy Niece! My SIL said that Roxxie just posed, and posed, and she felt at any moment that Roxxie would start to strut too!

Christmas was spent at my parnets’ home, and yes Roxxie was there. She was a little mooch. She was anyone’s best friend, just as long as they were giving her food! She would keep running into the kitchen anytime someone was in there, she was hoping for food. She went from person to person the entire we seated eatting, and it was just so funny to watch her!

My mother has been saying that she wants a dog just like Roxxie. She has told my brother and sil this every since they got Roxxie. So my sil searched and searched until she found a stuffed toy doggie that looked just like Roxxie. Here’s my sil holding both Roxxie and Sussie Q (the name mom gave her stuffed doggie!). Is hard to the differance isn’t it? (Okay, not that hard, but don’t they look an awfully lot alike?) Nothing sweeter, or funnier, than a 66 yr old woman laughing and walking around carrying a stuffed animal!

I got a vaccuum cleaner for Christmas, and I needed it too! I am tired of having to use a broom and sweeping the rug. The cool thing, it’s a bagless one!

I also got cash, which I spent today at WalMart’s after Christmas sells. I got a few Christmas items, some to tuck back for swaps. I got a “spa” bath set in a little rack. The rack is the perfect size to be used as a spice rack. (I intend to nail it to the wall behind the stove and use it as a spice rack for the frequently used spices!) I also got another little “spa” set with items not in the first spa set. I got a rolling cart with drawers, you know the plastic kind. This I plan on using in the livingroom to keep some of my yarn stash in. This will neaten up the livingroom some while still keeping the frequently used stash yarns handy!

I also got a visa gift card, which I spent this evening online at KnitPicks dot com. I am designing a project and needed the “final” yarn to be used, so I got it. I also got some dye your own yarn to make various projects, among them replacement convertable mittens for Erchin. He wants them funky colors, and wants to help me dye the yarn with KoolAide. Some of the dye your own yarn will be used to make ds #1 some socks. Not sure, well not yet anyway, what I’ll use the other yarns for.

At my parents’ for Christmas Meal was my brother, sil, nephew, parents, aunt, uncle and his wife, another uncle and aunt, myself, Erchin, and a friend of my mom’s and her daughter. We had ham, baked tators and sweet tators, green bean casserole, deviled eggs, pies of many kinds, dressing that was dryer than saw dust (and mom used stove top! hehehe), and the best was the deep fried turkey!!!

Well I hope y’all had a holliday as happy as mine!


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Angel Poncho

I finished this quick easy poncho for my angel tree angel. I have a friend who donated the two dolls that she made for me to give the angel, and they are waiting at the post office for me to pick them up on monday.

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This is the mini sweater ornament, ceramic coffee cup, and what you cannot tell from this picture is the chocolate covered exspesso beans inside of the cup, that I got from my KTC ornament swap Secret Pal!

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