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MRI Scheduled

Well Dr. Troll’s office finally heard from the MRI folks this morning, I know because because they called me and told me so. My MRI has been scheduled for this Thursday morning at 10 o’clock.

So I get to get up, get Erchin off to school. Almost immediately leave and go to the MRI appointment, welfare medical ride service. Get back home only to have dh take me to post office so I can get the mail, it’s the first (aka check day!), go to the bank and cash my check. Then head back to about a quarter to half a mile from where I had the MRI done so I can do grocery shopping for the month of March. Ug!

I am not sure what I’ll fix for dinner Thursday evening. All I am sure of is that it’ll be quick and extremely easy to fix!


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I got to thinking about how I’d keep in touch with y’all while I am in the hospital, whenever that ends up happening. Then I got honest with myself and realized, what I was really wanting to figure out was how was I going to keep from going threw Internet withdrawals while in the hospital.

So here’s the deal. I want your ideas, your suggestions, your thoaghts on what I can do to either keep in touch with y’all and/or keep from (deal with) internet withdrawels. Be serious. Be silly. Be creative. Be inventive. Be spiritual. Be whatever. Just submit your suggestions and ideas.

Email the ideas to me, (DO NOT LEAVE THEM IN THE COMMENTS) by 11pm  cst 02-28-07. {My email addy is Caffinna@brightok.net} Please include your name and email address with your entry, but  DO  NOT include them in your entry. I will post entries anonymously along with a nifty little pole and allow readers to vote on their favorite.

I will choose a prize from nifty stash of swap booty, choosen just for the winner. So get your thinking caps on and start emailing me your ideas!!!

Why? Well I will select something from my stash of creative swap goodies

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Well still haven’t heard from the MRI folks. Now if I had good private insurance or lots of cash, you can bet your sweet ass I’d have had that MRI done already. You see they can afford to take their sweet-ass time finding an open slot, I’m poor and on welfare medical! Apparently us poor welfare medical folks who are in great pain aren’t nearly as important as folks with money and/or good insurance. Can yousay class-ism? Good, I knew you could.

In the meantime, yesterday was spent in a nearly daylong pity party. My dh pointed out a few good points that I had glossed over in my mind, and I worse cased them, and spent the day in a pity party. That’s over now. I won’t go into details all the points he made, as it would reveal T.M.I. about my personal life for the internet, but they were things I did need to consider.

I do believe at a minimum that I have a nerve pinched in my back. I was in so much pain last night that I took one of my dh’s nerve pills. Now they only kill nerve pain, they won’t touch any other kind of pain. (I know, I know, I know, so please keep the script lectures to yourself! I have told Dr. Troll about this and it is noted in my chart, so keep the lectures and sermons to yourself please.) The pain went way down, so that ibuprofen and the muscle relaxers with it made the pain tolerable.

I do more than Dr. Troll said to do, but way less than want to do. Which in the end, I think I come out doing things at a level that Dr. Troll actually wants me to do. You see he knows I’ll do more than he says, so I do believe he says to do less than he really wants me to do so that I will end up doing the level he really wants. Yup, I think Dr. Troll knows me that well.

I want to get me one of those little troll dolls, one with red hair. I want to dress it up like a doctor, and write Dr. Troll’s real name on the pocket of the outfit. I want to take it with me to the hospital with me as a good-luck charm. Why? Because Dr. Troll won’t be the doctor doing the surgery(s), and I want a good-luck charm and I think Dr. Troll is a pretty good one to have!

Now for knitting.

I am nearing the finishing of my Eiffel sweater. With my back it’s taking longer than I had planned, but it’s coming along. I’ll post pictures and more details on it when it’s done.

I still cannot manage knitting with finer fibers. Sock and Lace weight yarns slip right out of my fingers, because I cannot manage holding my arms up high enough long enough to work with the fine fibers. I have socks I need to finish, socks I want to make, gloves/mittens to finish, my lace shawl, but I cannot manage working with such fine fibers. It just pisses me off.

Now for family.

My ds, the silly boy! My ds got caught playing his gameboy micro under his jacket during world history class! Hiss teacher confiscated it, took it to the assistant principle, wrote him up, and ds might not get his game system back until the end of the school year! The policy at home is if one game system is taken at school, I take the other for the same length of time at home. So he’s lost the use of both his game boy advance and his gameboy micro! Now the silly boy has permission to play the game system at the end of class provided he’s done his classwork. So he has no excuse for this. (Yes he has Asperger’s Syndrome, but this is the third time this teacher has caught him doing this in her class but it’s the first time she’s taken the step of going to the assistant principle and writing ds up for the offence. So yes, the are giving him some leeway because of his disability.)

 See next post.

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My Doctor the Troll

My doctor is short. I mean it. I am 5’4″ amd the man is 5′ or 5’1″ at the most, he’s a bit “stout”, has red hair, and deffinately reminds me of those fuzzy haired little troll dolls. So when I say my doctor is a troll, I mean it in the most loving way.

He’s a dying breed my doctor. He’s an old fashioned family practionor country styled doctor. You know the kind that will argue with you when you need to be argued with. He spends 10 minutes, or 30 minutes with you depending on what you need. I like him, and I normally hate doctors!

The fact that the Dr Troll didn’t give me pain pills doesn’t mean that Dr Troll doesn’t think that I am in alont of pain. It doesn’t mean that Dr. Troll thinks I am a pill addict, like my dh tried desperately to imply in an effort to make me feel guilty but it didn’t work last night. What it DOES mean is that Dr. Troll KNOWS me. He knows that if I had the pain pills I’d be lifting too much, doing too much, and he doesn’t want that right now.

While it wasn’t discussed yesturday, as this topic is one he and I have discussed any number of times over the last 8 years whenever my back acted up, here’s the possiblities. The longer I waited to do the reduction surgery, the more times I allowed my back to get this bad, the more I ran the risk of impacting discs, of distroying discs, of slipping/herniating discs, of developing hairline fractures in the vertabrae, etc. He wants my activities limited until the MRI is done. Until we know just what shape my back is in. Until we know whether or not back surgery is needed before I can have the reduction surgery.

My dh has been a……well a “comedian” of sorts. He’s been trying to torture me in a way. You see I am the worst hospital patient. I am such a horrible bitch in the hospital my own loving mother doesn’t much like visiting me. I hate to admit it, okay I brag, but it’s true I am a total bitch in the hospital. So he’s been torturing me with tales of being on a bedpan, being bedfast, being without cigarettes, eating hospital food,  etc etc etc. I bet him $5 that within 24-48 I’d have a pottychair, he thinks not with back surgery…..WE DON’T EVEN KNOW IF BACK SURGERY IS CERTAIN YET OR NOT!!!! Men!

I am only supposed to do about an hour, no more than two, of knitting a day. Hmmmm, in my mind that translate to trying it four to five hours…hehehehehe.

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Doctor Visit

Well I went to the doctor today. I admited that six years ago he was right, eventually I would get tired of hurting and agree to have breast reduction surgery. He ordered an MRI, I should find out when that is tomorrow. When that’s done he’ll have a nurolagist look at it and determine whether or not I need back surgery first.

Say what? I may need back surgery? Yuppers, there’s a chance (he’s not sure how much of a chance, hence the consult with the nurolagist) I may need back surgery before they can do the breast reduction surgery. Eeek, blech, yucky, yikes!

I got no pain pills. But I did officially get ordered to limit my knitting, sewing, bending, lifting, etc, etc, etc, etc. Since I have no pain pills will be actually be easy for me to honor, which to come think of it might have something to do with why I wasn’t given the pain pills!

I was going to give updates on other things. But I am tired, we had errands and things to do all day today. I am getting offline, moving to the sofa, and sitting on my best friend the heating pad now!

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My on-line sock group, Whenever, has a boxxle (aka bottle) swap that they do a few times a year. Well my first swap package for ’07 was picked up at the post office today. (Since it’s been nearly a week since we last checked the mail, not sure just when the box arrived during that time.) I opened the PO Box to find a locker key, and when I opened the locker Mary Aman (my loverly {loverly being lovely and loving} partner) had a box there waiting for me. Not quite sure how I managed it, but I managed to wait until after errands were done and I was back home before opening the box!

first ‘07 boxxle bootyI know this isn’t a great picture, but stop the complaining it’s in focus and I am on muscle relaxers after-all. Here’s the list of booty that the Most Marvelous Mary included: a hank of 4 oz/510 yards of “Lisa Souza” sock yarn, in Delft; two 50 gram balls of DK weight Plymouth Encore Colorspun, color #7303, (in the picture it’s in the little plastic “Chinese ‘take-out” container); a pad of knitting related post-it styled notes; 4 of the cutest little handmade stitch markers, (Mary did you make these?); a little journal; a wonderful little tin candle, “Creme Brulee” scented; some adorable little flower soaps, I just love these;  a box of All Purpose Cards, something I needed! thanks; a small bottle of grape, yup grape, hand sanitizer…heheheh, I gotta hide this from the dh!; a small plastic Chinese “take-out” styled container, I absolutely love love love this, and will find a special use for this one; a project bag, just the right size for socks and to grab and go and hang off of my wrist, Mary it looks like you made this and did a most excellant job! I am spoiled; and not pictured (because it’s opened and in the process of being devoured as I type…..hehehehehehe) was a bag of   “Jan Trail MixSweet & Nutty Trail Mix”.  Many Many Many thanks Mary Aman for the booty in my boxxle! You did me most wonderfully great!!!

I called my doctor this morning. He nolonger has a walk-in clinic. So I scheduled an appointment for tomorrow afternoon at 1pm. I went ahead and told the appointment clerk that it wasn’t just about my back, but that I was ultimately willing to have the reduction surgery, so was also wanting the referral to neurologist to verify that it (reduction surgery) was medically needed for my back.  We have to “jump” these “hoops” in order for state medical to cover the reduction surgery. Anyway, the biggest “hoop” was my becoming willing and I am now sooooooooooooooooo willing!

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Ok, maybe I should explain, as briefly as I can manage, my back problems and my doctor’s seemingly unwillingness to help much.

I am somewhat small boned. I wish I could say I was large boned, but I am very small boned with medium muscle structure (and more fat that I’ll admit to right now!). My back problems are due in part to this. Hmmm, how?

Well my chest wall measurement, taken bellow the bustline is 33 inches. My bust taken at peak (with bra on) is a whopping 43.5 inches. Thus the back muscles are pulled out of alignment, which then pulles the discs and vetabra out of alignment, and thus creates pain.

Now there isn’t much a chriapractor can do. I have gone for adjustments and for a time they help. Then I ended up going from his office one visit straight to the ER for a shop of demerol for the pain. Since the muscles are first effected, and I also have a muscle spasm condition besides, a chiropractor can only do a limited amount.

My docto has said that he will do little more than basic pain management for the spasms until I become willing for breast reduction surgery, something I have in the past been whole sale against, thus his unwillingness to do more to help. You see without the reduction surgery (removal or recuction of the cause of the problem) there isn’t realy much my doctor can realy do.

Pain used to only get this bad once every few years. Then once every couple of years. Then maybe once a year or so. Now it’s been nearly constant for the last several months. I have had it. I just cannot take it anymore. I am tired of the homeopathic remodies (yes folks, I still do my Luna Yoga, scalding hot showers {can’t up and down from tub to soak} etc etc) and the scripts………I want full time relief!!! If that means (please excuse the vivid vulgarity here) having the boobage wacked down in size……WHACK   ‘EM  DOWN AND  WHACK  ‘EM  DOWN  NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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