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First of all there were so many great ideads it was hard to decide. I had to find a way to whittle down the submissions. So my hubby suggested that I not count the bathsuit/biki ideas since Eunice already has a permanant bikin on. Then I decided to look for the one of a kind suggestions, it was still very hard to decide. I ended up going with the ideas that gave me the biggest smile and/or giggle.

 So here they are: For the knitting yarn stash prize there is a tie  because I just couldn’t make up my mind between two enteries. Jane and Jen, who both entered via email, won with their submissions. Jane submitted the idea of what amounts to a Red Hat Lady outfit; and Jen submitted the idea of creating half knitted socks and mini knitting needles and little balls of yarn for Eunice to sit in, knitters haeven! So I have contacted them via email for their information.

The non-knitter winning idea just cracked me up to no end! It came from QuillDancer, Blackfleece for when Eunice wanted to act up and be naughty! So Quilly I’ll comment on your blog, or you can email me at Caffinna at bright ok dot net with your iformation so I can send you your non knitting prize from my stash of swap goodies.

 Thanks to  everyone one who participated!


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Eunice….trying to get more!

Due to a number of requests, I decided to see if I could get some more “Eunice N. Style” little collectables. I purchased mine threw ds’s school choir fundraisor, as mentioned previously, but I found the fundraisor’s website. Eunice is nolonger being offered, or at least not that I could find on the website anywhere. I tried to do a web search for the company that made/distributed Eunice, and gave up after reading over 200 realistate listings, ugh! I went back to the fundraisor’s website and left an email message asking about Eunice, how I had purchased one threw son’s school fundraisor last fall, and mentioning that I (and a number of fiber artist friends!) were interested in purchasing a number of additional units of this addorable collectable! If I hear anything back I’ll be sure to let you know. [ If you want to contact them the link to the contact form is http://www.cherrydale.com/form.htm ]

Edited to add:

Here is the reply I received:

Hello Jan,

I’m sorry but the Eunice n Style is an item that we no longer offer.

Thank You,
Debra Vanarsdall

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Sarrow and Morning

My mother stopped by yesturday. She stopped by to tell me that late thursday night my beloved Uncle Floyd, 90 years old, had passed away. He had said all of my life that old was always 10 years older that whatever age he was at any given time. So now old forever be, in my mind anyway, 100 years of age. I will miss you and always love you Uncle Floyd.

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I’ve been hit with a stomach virus, I’ll save you from the wretched details.

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Blah Blah Blah

Well I was hurting pretty dag gum bad. Bad enough in fact that I gave in and started using one of dh’s pain patches! At-least I can knit without utter complete excruciating pain!

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Support Sunday

http://www.virtualrosary.org/dload.php If you are Catholic, or if you just happen to like the Rosary collection of prayers, click on that link. It’s a Virtual Rosary for your computer. It’s free, no add-ware or spy-ware is attached to it, it’s perfectly safe to download. It’s Rosary beads for your computer. It’s this week’s Support Sunday subject.

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I am just thrilled, tickled, and overjoyed at all of the submissions so far for ideas for outfits for Eunice, and so she. Besides the ones submitted via the comments here, I have about 20 or so in my email inbox! I may even have to expand the number of prizes, but will let you know. Rember keep the ideas coming as deadline is 29th of this month with the winner(s) being announced by the end of the month. You may submit as many ideas as you wish.

Even if someone has already submitted your idea, go ahead and submit it anyway. But submit your version with a funny story/reason behind it!  If you’ve submitted an idea but then come up with a funny story for it, then go ahead and re-submit it! You have until the 29th of March.

If kiddo’s fundraisors ever do include a catalog with anothe Eunice type charactor, I’ll post the information and howto’s of how anyone who wishes to can order one from kiddo online. I would have last fall if I had known so many might have wanted one! (Their fundraisors are such that out of town family/friends can be given a special code to order online and kiddo gets the credit for having sold the items from the company’s website.)

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