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I have what feels like an inflamed lymphnoid under my right arm just at the edge of my right breast. It feels like a huge enormous bruise, although there is no actual bruise there.  It’s been there for about a month, and the pain continues to grow. It does tend to lighten just a bit during “that time of month”, but immediately gets bad again when it’s over. I finally got concerned enough that I called the ob/gyn and scheduled an appointment for my annual exam, but intentionally didn’t tell them I had a problem for fear that I’d end up not being able to go on my trip next month if I did. I have a new patient appointment on the 14th of May.

Because of this tying me up emotionally, and my nasty habit of being fatalistic, I haven’t felt much like keeping this blog updated. Bad excuse I know, yet that is why I have been delinquent. It likely just a simple infection, but I have had pre-cancerous cysts before and my mother had breast cancer, my paternal grandmother had breast cancer, and my mother’s birth mother had breast cancer. So I’d be a big fat enormous frigging deceiver if I said I wasn’t worried.

Please keep me in your thoughts, prayers, healing circles, whatever it is your beliefs allow.


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