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We are going to be moving!! Tomorrow we will be checking into the senior/disabled appartments here in our town in hopes of staying in this little town of our’s because kiddo has two more years of high school left. But finally dh has tired of the black mold, yup THAT black mold, growing in the ceiling and walls of this place and a landlady who hasn’t in nearly 3 years done a darn thing about it! If we get just your common run of the mill two bedroom appartment, well folks we will more than double the amount of space!!! 

Please keep us in your happy thoughts tomorrow, rub the bellies of your lucky troll dolls that we find just the right two bedroom appartment!


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Ok, let me clarify something I said yesturday.

I am not starving myself. I am just not eating much. First off, I don’t have much of an appetite. Second of all, I am not eating big meals of the same thing I fix my hubby. For instance. Last night I fixed hubby steak, I ate a bowl of Captain Crunch. I fix him a meal, I eat chips and dip. He eats four 1/4lb  hot dogs, I eat an egg. That kind of thing.

I drink regular sodas, I hate diet drinks. I drink ice tea with sugar in it, and I drink quite a bit of it. I drink about 2-3 pots of coffee most days, and I use sugar and creamer in my coffee. My caloric intake is safe, is in the lower safe range, but it is safe. I have low blood glugose issues, and I have had angina due to low blood sugar. So trust me, I will not starve myself!

Having said that I believe that my point, while not fully noticed, was still somewhat noticed by the hubby. Tonight when I asked if he wanted fried chicken, hamburger patties, or for me to heat up some hot dogs for his dinner, he first said hamburger patties and rattled off a list of things. Then he said, you looked stressed, (duh!), why don’t I just get pizza so you don’t have to cook. Ok, so it ain’t full recognition but I’ll take what I can get these days!!!!!

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I have to call and change my dr’s appointment. Now before you holler at me, ladies come to my aide! You ladies know full well at “that time of month” male ob/gyn doctors, the fast majority of them anyway, will not do “that exam”, right? Well, I have to call and change the appointment. Men, if you cannot figure out why, have your lady read this and then explain to you why. I’ll wait……………back to my blog.

Stress wise I think I have had it! I have decided to eat as little food as I can manage. Why, no I am not anorexic in fact I weigh nearly 170 lbs at only 5’4″ tall! I just don’t know what other way, non verbally and non violently, that I can get anyone’s attention. I have said I am overstressed. Hubby just mentions how much stress he’s had, like I have had none for the last year or like mine doesn’t count. Fine, I will eat as little as I can manage. Eventually, possibley, maybe, oneday someone notice. But I seriously doupt it!!!!!

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The Health Issue

The area is nolonger as tender as a new bruise. But…well here’s how things went. A local television station had a phone-in medical deal one evening. I called in with the health issue and talked to a doctor. The doctor said that 95% of the time breast cancer does NOT present with pain! That the lymp noids act as the body’s infection cleaning system and likely I had some sort of massive infection that was overwhelming whatever was infected, and the lymph glands were simply doing their jobs. She also said to keep my doctor’s appointment, which isn’t until next monday, and I fully intend to.

My new coffee pot worked like a dream this morning and coffee ready this morning. I overslept! Fortunately kiddo had woke and was dressed and ready for school, all I had to do was have him take his medicine, just before the bus came!

Well that’s it for today.

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I Am Back

I have been realy bad about blogging for quite some time and I am sorry. I have had some massive major family crisis, of the sort I do not blog about as it involves others, and just haven’t been in the mood. A poor excuse I know, but that’s the only one I have.

I am back, bummed in a big way, but back all the same. So if you’re willing to bare with the minimal hints of something that cannot be detailed, the afore mentioned family matter, then I am back.

I signed up for the KNITTER’S  TEA  SWAP  3! As soon as I can gather my wits, in the next day or so, I will see about getting a button put on this blog (atleast in a post).

I have a commissioned knitting sock job going, another swap for a book deal.

Massive headaches with the state welfare office today, which look for now to be handled, atleast I hope so.

Well that’s about it for now.

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