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Today I picked up my pain medication from the pharmacy. It’s nothing very strong, pretty weak in fact, but then I didn’t want anything real strong right now. If I had something strong enough to completely take away the pain I’d be doing more than I should. So I had asked Dr. Troll for something stronger than over-the-counter, but not alot stronger. I guess to manage the pain not get rid of it.

I worked on the second sock of a gift pair today. I should be able to finish within the next day or two, then get to work on my pattern design sock for a friend’s upcoming book. (I’ll post details and a link when it’s appropriate.) Which brings to me next subject.

For my sock design I am using “PANDA COTTON” (PC) in ‘Sprite Green’ for the cuffs, heals, and toes and the main colorway for the bulk of the sock I am using ‘Seascape’. Now I have only done 10 rows of the ribbing in Sprite, I had to the yarn made me do it and threatened to not me finish the gift sock if I didn’t play with it for awhile (this is my story and I am sticking to it!) These yarns are from Crystal Palace Yarns ( ww.straw.com ).

“PC” has a wonderful hand. The limit use of it so far has been most pleasant and quite the dream! Like all bamboo based yarns if you use super needles and/or knitt too tightly, you may experiance some issues with spliting, I haven’t yet but that’s a charactoristic of alot bamboo yarns. I will write a better review of this sock yarn when I’ve at least finished the first sock of the pair. (Sorry but I cannot post picture of the until after the book is published and out!) But do go ahead and get some of this yarn from www.straw.com

I dug some bulky yarn out of the laundry room stash just awhile ago. I have a couple of triagle shawls I wear around the house when I need/want to. I got thinking a bed shawl would be nice to have to take to the hospital, but these triangle ones won’t work well because the ends will get sat on. So I am going to makeself a long rectangle one. I’ll flip threw my Knitting calendar to choose a pattern, or just make garter stitch.


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Test Results….

Well I went to the doctor’s today. I have 3, not 1 but 3, rather large uterine fibroids. They are between grapefruit and cantalope in size. The doctor said that due to my age, stage of life (read “perimenapausal and done having babies” here), that he agreed a partial hystorectomy was my best option. Now the paper work to pre-approval from welfare medical so that it’ll be covered. Surgery is at least 2-4 weeks away, but I do get to have it!

My primary care doctor, Dr. Troll, is calling in a script for pain medication for me. Ibuprofen just doesn’t do the trick and dh’s pain patches are too much pain medication right now.

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 For those of you stopping by for the Knitter’s Virtual Vacation Swap Contest, I am not in Alaska. I live in Oklahoma so if you’re just here for that, keep going. If you want to read my drivel, well thanks for coming by and by all means…..READ ON!

 I am cramping more like labor cramps in child birth than bad period cramps the last couple of days. I am now bleeding on a daily basis, so I haven’t any idea exactly when my monthly cycle starts and ends. I want a modified hysterectomy and I want it yesterday! I go to the doctor tomorrow and find out if/when I get to get it.

I did get mailed the results of the paps smear, negative. Well duh, I was strangely never worried in the least about it. Don’t know why because I usually do. But this time, Nada. I am, oddly enough, a bit concerned that doctor won’t allow me to have a modified hysterectomy. More on that at a later time.

I mail out two pairs of a commissioned sock job tomorrow. A bit late, but I haven’t been able to get out and do the job of mailing. Since this is a job for a dear friend, I have also decided to make a gift pair of socks, but haven’t finished with those just yet. That pair will have to be mailed at a later time.

I did find some bulky yarn in the “laundry room” stash area. If I have surgery, I plan on taking it, with big needles, along with sock knitting to hospital. That way I can do some Christmas Scarf knitting if, and yes I realize it’s most likely I won’t be able to, I cannot do sock knitting.  The sock knitting I plan on taking is something for myself, that way when the drugs wear-off and I get a good look at I’ve knitted………..lmao……….I won’t have been working on a gift or a commissioned piece.

Well tomorrow I have to get up early to get kiddo up for half day of Summer School. I am hoping to attempt to stay up the rest of the day, something I have been unable to actually do for the last several mornings. I think, however, that with having to get ready and my nervousness I’ll be able to stay up. I can always take an early evening nap after we get home. (Oh I might add we {read I’ll do most of the work} are going grocery shopping after the Dr’s appt and doing other errands tomorrow too!)

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KTS 3 Package..etc

Check out the link the link bellow to read about the wonderful package I got from Tammy Kirschner in the Knitter’s Tea Swap 3. She spoiled me spanking rotten as you will see!http://knittersteaswap.blogspot.com/2007/06/package-of-pure-delights.html 

I am working on a sock and actually getting a proper gauge! This is apposed to my normally looser than a goose not paying too much attention knitting fast while watching TV really huge on teeny tiny needles gauge! I am actually paying attention to what I am doing, knitting for shorter lengths of time, taking frequent breaks, and regularly checking my gauge! Ah ha, I think I may be in danger of becoming a responsible knitter…hehehehe!

I go back to the doctor next Thursday to find out the results of all the tests. I also find out if/when I have surgery. Please keep me in your prayers!

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Ok I know I keep promising to be more regular making posts, then I am not. Go ahead, lemme hear it, I’ll wait………K, that’s done.

Today I went and had my “Grab-n-Smash” (read mammogram) done. I made off colored  inappropriat jokes, and got laughs! I walked right up and said, “I am here for a 2 o’clock grab-n-smash”, and they knew just what I ment…lol! Ah, it actually wasn’t as bad as the last annual one (which I had 5 yrs ago, yup I waited too long u don’t ok?) because they had a newer machine and a nicer tech.

Now for you men, a major per peive of mine, and please pay close attention. First the background story. Today to kill some time before the smash n grab, dh and I went to the “Chepo Depot” to do a little shopping. I was walking down one of the major isles when a young man, looked to be in his late twenties early thirties, stuck his hand down his pants and re-adjusted “his business” right there in public! OMG! YUCK! Men, please if you do not care for the fact that this is a major lack of anything resembling manners, IT IS UNSANITARY IN THE EXTREME! This young man was then putting his hands on items, yes even food packages (major yuck!), all over the store! It made me sick to my stomach. Please, if you care for your mothers, if you care for your wives, if you care for your girlfriends, your lovers, if you just care for others, PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH YOUR PERSONAL PRIVIT AREAS IN PUBLIC THEN HANDLE THINGS IN A STORE, AT LEAST NOT WHERE I CAN SEE YOU!!!!!

I sent Knitter’s Tea Swap 3 package, and it was received with much grattitude and enthusiasm. I have entered the “Knitter’s Virtual Vacation Swap” and am awaiting a partner asignment. I have things to send off for my “Whenever Bottle Swapp”, just have to wait until the first of the month for the money to mail the boxxle off to my partner.

I am knitting up a storm. Knitting on what you ask?…Socks silly, what else is there to knit? LMAO!

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Doctor Visit

The boobage issue is fine. It was as I eventually thought, PHN/Shingles related. Otherwise I have no unusual lumps, knots, bulges, etc of the breasts. Yes I am still going to be getting a regular screening mammogram, just don’t when yet.

I do happen to have what appears to be a uterine fibroid, well most likely is that. I have to have an ultrasound to confirm it’s shape, placement, and exact location which will give the doctor more information. Then I go back and find out if it needs to come out or not. Yup, yet another test.

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Been hectic around here, to say the least. Lets just leave it at that and move on, okay.

I go to the DR’s tomorrow. I’ll try to get on tomorrow evening to let y’all know what doc says about everything, if you’ve been following my health issues.

I am in the “Knitter’s Virtual Vacation Swap”. The following is the questionnairre to be filled out and posted to my blog as a participant of that swap. So here it goes.


1. If you could visit any state in the US, which would it be and why?

New York, so I could visit New York City and the places upstate where my dh grew up and I hear endless hours about.

2. If you could visit any country in the world, other than your own, which would it be and why?

Ireland. I am predomanantly Irish and I have always wanted to go there and visit. I’d especially like to get some wool there and cable patterns for sweaters…hehehehe..then come home and knit my own Irish Cable Sweater!

3. Have you ever driven across several states/providence/countries?

No, in fact as of today I haven’t driven in over 24 years. I need to start again, and dh is pestering me to.

4. Have you ever visited someplace you consider exotic? Where was it?

New York City seemed pretty exotic when I was 16 being that I am from NE Oklahoma!

5. What was your favorite “travel” vacation? Why?

My favorite travel vacation was the Summer my family went to Silver Dollar City, so no it wasn’t. We went to SDC in the midle of the week, had a 3 day pass, and rode rides till we tired then went back the next two days and did it again! That was fun as a kid. Haven’t realy had a vacation as an adult.

6. Have you ever played tourist in your own home city/state (if international, country)? Explain.

City/State, no not realy. Country, yes see previous answers.
7. Are you a museum visitor, beach comer or an amusement seeker?

If it were left totally up to me I’d try to do a bit of each. If, however, I was forced to choose only one I’d do the beach!

8. What’s your favorite type of yarn?

Anything new, especially if it’s a new sock or lace yarn….lol!

9. What’s your least favorite type of yarn?

Cheap feelling acryllic. Acryllic is okay as long as it doesn’t feel cheep!

10. What items do you like to knit/crochet?

Mostly socks!

11. What do you pack, knit/crochet wise when you go on vacation?

I don’t get to do real vacations, or at least anything that feels like a vacation. But I take socks and/or a small lace project. Always socks, sometimes lace.

12. What other crafts do you do/would like to do other than Knit/Crochet?

I’d like to learn to spin one day, but not just yet. I’d have to divert yarn stash money for spinning startup money, and I am not willing to do that right now. I am happy knitting.

13. Are you allergic to anything? (Yarn wise or treat wise)

Perfumes/Scents can tricky, so best to stay with candles. But food/yarn wise I am fine as far as I know.

14. What is your favorite color? Least Favorite?

I love shades, hues, tones, variations, and levels of purples from pastel pale lilac to deep violet, to midnight purple. I like them all! I don’t care much for orange unless it’s part of a multicolored yarn.

15. Sweet or Savory (Treat not personality)?

Savory, I am way to picky when it comes to sweet treats it’s best to go savory.

16. Anything else we are forgetting to ask that you think your partner desperately needs to know?

I collect little TY Beanie Baby Teddy Bears, or simular sized bears; collect dbl pt needles, and other knitting accessories; DO NOT WANT COFFEE, but coffee beans and coffee scented things are okay; I like kitche little dollar store finds, ALOT; I have a 3 yr old grand daughter, so anything I can use to make her something would win my heart forever and ever and ever!

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