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Ok I know I keep promising to be more regular making posts, then I am not. Go ahead, lemme hear it, I’ll wait………K, that’s done.

Today I went and had my “Grab-n-Smash” (read mammogram) done. I made¬†off colored ¬†inappropriat jokes, and got laughs! I walked right up and said, “I am here for a 2 o’clock grab-n-smash”, and they knew just what I ment…lol! Ah, it actually wasn’t as bad as the last annual one (which I had 5 yrs ago, yup I waited too long u don’t ok?) because they had a newer machine and a nicer tech.

Now for you men, a major per peive of mine, and please pay close attention. First the background story. Today to kill some time before the smash n grab, dh and I went to the “Chepo Depot” to do a little shopping. I was walking down one of the major isles when a young man, looked to be in his late twenties early thirties, stuck his hand down his pants and re-adjusted “his business” right there in public! OMG! YUCK! Men, please if you do not care for the fact that this is a major lack of anything resembling manners, IT IS UNSANITARY IN THE EXTREME! This young man was then putting his hands on items, yes even food packages (major yuck!), all over the store! It made me sick to my stomach. Please, if you care for your mothers, if you care for your wives, if you care for your girlfriends, your lovers, if you just care for others, PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH YOUR PERSONAL PRIVIT AREAS IN PUBLIC THEN HANDLE THINGS IN A STORE, AT LEAST NOT WHERE I CAN SEE YOU!!!!!

I sent Knitter’s Tea Swap 3 package, and it was received with much grattitude and enthusiasm. I have entered the “Knitter’s Virtual Vacation Swap” and am awaiting a partner asignment. I have things to send off for my “Whenever Bottle Swapp”, just have to wait until the first of the month for the money to mail the boxxle off to my partner.

I am knitting up a storm. Knitting on what you ask?…Socks silly, what else is there to knit? LMAO!


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