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Test Results….

Well I went to the doctor’s today. I have 3, not 1 but 3, rather large uterine fibroids. They are between grapefruit and cantalope in size. The doctor said that due to my age, stage of life (read “perimenapausal and done having babies” here), that he agreed a partial hystorectomy was my best option. Now the paper work to pre-approval from welfare medical so that it’ll be covered. Surgery is at least 2-4 weeks away, but I do get to have it!

My primary care doctor, Dr. Troll, is calling in a script for pain medication for me. Ibuprofen just doesn’t do the trick and dh’s pain patches are too much pain medication right now.


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 For those of you stopping by for the Knitter’s Virtual Vacation Swap Contest, I am not in Alaska. I live in Oklahoma so if you’re just here for that, keep going. If you want to read my drivel, well thanks for coming by and by all means…..READ ON!

 I am cramping more like labor cramps in child birth than bad period cramps the last couple of days. I am now bleeding on a daily basis, so I haven’t any idea exactly when my monthly cycle starts and ends. I want a modified hysterectomy and I want it yesterday! I go to the doctor tomorrow and find out if/when I get to get it.

I did get mailed the results of the paps smear, negative. Well duh, I was strangely never worried in the least about it. Don’t know why because I usually do. But this time, Nada. I am, oddly enough, a bit concerned that doctor won’t allow me to have a modified hysterectomy. More on that at a later time.

I mail out two pairs of a commissioned sock job tomorrow. A bit late, but I haven’t been able to get out and do the job of mailing. Since this is a job for a dear friend, I have also decided to make a gift pair of socks, but haven’t finished with those just yet. That pair will have to be mailed at a later time.

I did find some bulky yarn in the “laundry room” stash area. If I have surgery, I plan on taking it, with big needles, along with sock knitting to hospital. That way I can do some Christmas Scarf knitting if, and yes I realize it’s most likely I won’t be able to, I cannot do sock knitting.  The sock knitting I plan on taking is something for myself, that way when the drugs wear-off and I get a good look at I’ve knitted………..lmao……….I won’t have been working on a gift or a commissioned piece.

Well tomorrow I have to get up early to get kiddo up for half day of Summer School. I am hoping to attempt to stay up the rest of the day, something I have been unable to actually do for the last several mornings. I think, however, that with having to get ready and my nervousness I’ll be able to stay up. I can always take an early evening nap after we get home. (Oh I might add we {read I’ll do most of the work} are going grocery shopping after the Dr’s appt and doing other errands tomorrow too!)

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