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Kiddo’s godmother, and my friend, is an ob/gyn and is a friend and colleague of the oncologist that I have been refered to. She talked to the oncologist and was able to find out just a possible bit of hopeful good news. Apparently the oncologist thinks, from the pathology report and my medical records, that the cancer was taken care of with the partial hystorectomy. He thinks, pending the outcome of some yet to be done blood and possible other tests, that I will NOT need another surgery but only have to have radiation treatments! He also believes that it is likely that I will be able to get the radiation treatments here locally, only having to travel 140 miles round trip to see him for the occassional visits.

My appointment with the oncologist is Saturday, August 4th. Thanks for the prayers, etc. and keep them coming!

 A Touch of Good News…..Hopefully!


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No news…yet.

Well I still haven’t heard anything from the gyn/oncologist in Tulsa as to when my first appointment will be. Hopefully I’ll hear something the first part of next week, or at least some time next week! At least the uterus is already out, and hopefully (Lord) there’s no cancer anywhere else to worry about. But then I won’t know that for sure until after I go to the oncologist and get my tubes, ovaries, and lymphnoids taken out and have some test done.

The weather has been hot and humid. Recovery has been slower than I like, but I guess it’s going fast enough. I do knit daily, but don’t daily get online. I am writing in my journal, but again that’s not daily either. I write in my prose/poetry journal when moved to do so, but that’s even more hit-n-miss than my regular journal. At least I am trying to keep my blog somewhat up-to-date, for now anyway.

To Be Continued………

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First of all my youngest son’s godmother, and my friend, is an ob/gyn. So the update that follows is both what my doctor told me, and what my friend told me as well.

Friday morning my aunt took me to the doctor’s and was thoughtful enough to ask the doctor to give me the top page of the pathology report. I have one of the most common form of endometrial cancer. It causes excessive bleeding, and that’s why it’s most often found in stage 1. It’s 99.99% of the time totally curable, sometimes surgeries and treatments are needed. I may (or may not) end up needing radiation and chemo therapies, won’t know without further tests and/or surgeries. I have been referred to an gyn/oncologist in a city some 70 or so miles away, and wait to hear when my first appointment it. (Ofcourse welfare medical has to preaprove this as well!)

At the moment, my husband and I ride an emotional rollercoaster. To be honest, I do pretty good untill it’s time to go to bed, then my mind won’t rest and starts to wonder and worry. But for the most part, I am doing pretty darn good. I physically feel better than I have in quite awhile. Now if this blasted heatwave would quit zapping my strength…..

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quick note

I went to doctor yesturday. I have an update but am just too tired at the moment to post it in full. I am back home for now, and hope to post a full update later tonight or tomorrow. For now know that I am feeling great, tired and having to take naps as I recover, but feeling great. I thank you for your continued prayers, healing thoughts and energies, etc.

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Biopsy News

I heard from the doctor that the tissue biopsy from the hystorectomy had come back in. News is some what mixed in that I had/have very early stage I endometrial cancer. I will get a referal tomorrow to an oncologist who will most likely want to go back in and remove both of my ovaries, along with some lymphnoids, and biopsy those to see if it’s spread. I may, or may not, also need chemo and/or radiation treatments depending on those results. I get the full consult and tissue biopsy results tomorrow at my post surgical followup appointment.

I felt it necessary to drop out of the Knitter’s Virtual Vacation Swap with all of this going on. A big part of the swap is giving/getting attention from your swap partner. I just do not have it in me right now to give any partner the right attention and care they deserve. So I felt it better to drop out in the earlier part of the swap rather than to stay in and flake out on some one!

Please keep me and my family in your prayers, or whatever healing ways your spiritual beliefs permit.

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