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Well I haven’t gotten Art, the SoonerRide driver that I like, again. But then I haven’t gotten the sob driver assigned to me again either! Friday I was in and out by 9:30, and my appointment isn’t realy until 10:30. Tomorrow morning is a longer appointment as I not only have radiation, but I have labwork and have to see the doctor as well. It’s the “normal” monday appointment.

I have learned the following things about what the radiation treatments meen to me. About an hour after the treatment I get hit with an overwhelming bout of neausea. Somewhere around two hours after the treatment I have the urge to nap, but do better if I resist it until somewhere around the 3-4 hour mark. If I do, then I tend to sleep deeper and get a better quality rest, whether in the car or at home in bed. 24/7 if I have to cook the food, then I cannot make myself eat it. If I have to smell the food cooking for any length of time, then I cannot make myself eat it. My appetite is more fickle than hot house hore!

On one of my knitting groups Cathy Hamrick, http://knitting-away.blogspot.com , asked if anyone was interested in doing a privit swap. So, longstory short, we arranged to swap 10 skiens of KnitPicks “ShineWorsted” in Sunflower colorway for a lace knitting book that she had. I had originally gotten the yarn to make my mother a sweater, then found out that mom didn’t so much like yellow anymore! Ah, at least now Cathy and I both get something neet out of the deal.

I started making dgd a pixie hat. I got bored. So now dgd has a pixiehat for a babydoll. I get to make her a babydoll now. Since I do not have the yarn to make a babydoll, I guess I have to go buy more yarn! (hehehehehe)

Mom and I are going to have a “Girls’ Day Out” on the 11th of September. She will take me to my treatment appointment, and then we will spend the rest of the day out together. Maybe we’ll see a movie, do some window shopping, deffinately eat lunch out, who knows what all. The important thing is, mom and I will spend the day together!

I have been all done but the binding on dgd’s baby quilt since before she was born, and she turned 3 last July. I am seriously thinking of digging it out and finishing the binding this week in the car trips to and from treatment this week. I meen why not, I am almost done with the darn thing afterall why not finish it up and get it to dgd this year for Christmas?

Well that’s about it for now. A big update next weekend, with possible mini updates before then.


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Short -n-Quick

In the future I can only promise an update at least once per week. Due to the tiresome effects of the radiation treatments, it’s most likely going to be on weekends that the updates will happen. However, like now, there will be exceptions.

 On monday I did NOT get the PIC line since I DON’T have to have the mini-chemo treatments afterall. (read this as greatly releaved!)

I started radiation treatments on tueseday. My mother drove me monday, and my father on tuesday and wednesday. SoonerRide is to do so at least for rest of month, or so it’s set up that way. At least for thursday I have a differant driver than before. The moment I get the SOB driver, of any sob driver, I’ll go to vouchers and my family taking me.

Well I promise more details sometime this weekend. But I just got online for the first time in four days and have over 300 emails, which in all honesty are likely to get a mass deleating (sorry y’all), left to deal with.

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Thursday I had my CT scan at the radiation oncologist’s. But before I get to that, there’s the incompetant sob driver!

The driver showed up in more than enough time to pick up his other passangers and get me to my appointment in time. That is ofcourse assuming he had been competant and know where the hell he was going! But ofcourse this guy, otherwise nice, didn’t. He got me to my appointment an entire hour late! Twice this man has driven me for SoonerRide, and twice now he has gotten me to this same place late! (And he had the nerve to tell me that it was unusual for him to arrive late!) Then before I was done, which ofcourse took longer because I was an hour late getting there, he came in and demanded to know exactly when I would be done so he’d know when he could be heading back! (The doctor’s office told me they in no way wanted him on their property if I could avoid it, and they understood that I could only file a complaint. I filed two complaints:#1, getting there an entire hour late, thus missing the meditation class, plus being bumped for everything else; #2, driver coming in and demanding to know when I’d be done, it’s none of his business!)

 Ok, as  far as thursday went. I drank the first bottle of “goop” (Barrium Sulfate) wednesday night before bed. The seconed bottle I drank at the time I should have been at the doctor’s but was still on the way to doctor’s. I had the CT scan just fine. I also had bloodwork done before the scan. After the doctor got the results of both of those, they did a radiation treatment simulation, and gave me three little dot ink tatoo’s. The tatoo’s, which I have to point out or you’ll miss them, is so they can place me in exactly the same position each and every time for the radiation treatment.

Then friday my oncologist’s nurse called me at home. My oncologist is on vacation until after labor day, but the nurse got the results of the bloodwork done thursday and looked at my chart. She needs one of the partner’s to confirm, but my doctor wrote in my chart if the bloodwork had a certain result I was to also get once a week mini-chemo treatment along with the radiation treatments. Aparently my bloodwork came back within the limits my doctor set, but since he’s out of town a partner needs to confirm the order.

Anyway, monday I go for weekly exrays and meeting with the radiation oncologist. Since I haven’t started radiation yet, I will have a simulation to make sure everything is set correctly in the computer, and everyone is ready to start on tuesday. Then I will go across town and get a PIC line put in so the I can get the once weekly mini-chemo.

My parents’ will be taking me monday thru wednesday this next week. Then I go back to SoonerRide. I more than likely will end up getting the same incompetant driver. If he screws up even once, I’ll go back to either my parents taking me or my brother. It’s easier to change SoonerRide from driver to gas voucher at the last minute, whereas it’s impossible to do visa versa!

There you have it, an update, albeit a bit late.

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uterine mobile part I pic 2Well I started cool hip young Dr. Rob’s uterine mobil this evening. I have all of the needed supplies, well almost all (still need Rustolium srpay paint to paint the larger metal wire pieces, but that can wait until I am done with all the other work and decide on a color). It’s hard to tell from this picture, but the little uteruses aren’t much more than 1.5″ across, and are made from sock/fingering weight yarn. They based on the pattern from http://knitty.com/ISSUEwinter04/PATTwomb.html where they used bulky weight yarn and make a much larger doll than I am making. I just hope my young cool hip ob/gyn Dr. Robert (Robert being his first name) kicks as much a kick out of getting this as I am getting out of making it for him!

Tomorrow I go in for my CT scan with contrast. I can’t within 4 hours of the scan, but that meens I do get to eat breakfast that morning. I do get to drink water, juice, coffee, and beverages right up until the scan time! I have to drink a bottle that can only be described as “goop” beforetime the night before. Then I have to drink a second bottle of the goop again an hour before the scan. Bleck!

Went to see Dr. Troll today. He increased the dosage of my Lunesta, sleep medication. I told hime that with all this stress that it was almost but not quite working right now. So he upped the dosage. I also told him that while I understood that I wasn’t supposed to be having pain this long after surgery, on somedays I still was! Most days ibuprofen took care of it. On the days, however, that I had to get out and go ibuprofen just didn’t do it. So he did give me a script for pain medication to take on those rare occassions that I needed it. I also turned in the script for “Chantix” the new stop smoking medication. It’s likely my medical card will pay for it, but that state’s computers were down so I won’t know for sure untill tomorrow. (Mom will be picking up the medications from the pharmacy and bringing them to me. Thank God for Mom!)

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Belated Update

The Radiation Oncologist is a little concerned about the fact that I am continuing to have pain this long after surgery. I supposedly not supposed to be having this much pain. That, plus the fact my cancer was accidently found, she’s ordered a full length CT scan with contrast for this thursday. I am to drink a bottle of goop the night before and then have no solid foods. I have liquids: juice, water, coffee, tea, but nothing with carbination, right up until the scan. One hour before the scan I am to drink the second bottle of goop.

Tomorrow I go to see Dr. Troll for a followup appointment. I have to see him so the welfare medical will continue to fill my regular prescriptions. I will ask Dr. Troll if he will please write me a script for pain medication, it a shot in the dark but I hope that he will.

I have the stuff now to begin working on Dr Rob’s “Womb Mobil”. He’s a young, hip, cool ob/gyn, and I think he’ll get the biggest kick out of it! I am using sock yarn instead of the called for bulky yarn, so the wombs are coming out 20-25% the size of the patterned size. But that’s just perfect for the mobile! I’ll post a pic when it’s done. And if it’s at all possible, I’ll get pics of Dr. Rob with the mobile when I give it to him.

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On saturday the oncologist, Dr Street, explained things quite well. He explained the two main ways that the cancer could have spread in to adominal cavity, with one way being extremely rare and highly unlikely. The most likely way being that the lymphatic system doing its job of filtering, filtered some of the cancer cells in to some of the lymph glands. He said that there was a 75-80% chance that the cancer had NOT spread. He didn’t need to finish that, you know the other side that says that that means there’s a 20-25% chance that it has!

Treatment Option #1: Doing nothing and being observed. Basically coming in for periodic exams and tests to see if/when the cancer might return. I just didn’t that my nerves could take sitting around and waiting. I know this is a viable option for many folks, just not my choice.

Treatment Option #2: Surgery where they go in and remove my tubes, ovaries, and some lymphnoids and do andominal wash with anti-cancer medications. If they find cancer in the biopsies of the removed tissues, then I’d have to have pelvic block radiation. I didn’t like this option, if I can avoid a surgery then I will.

Treament Option #3: Pelvic Block Radiation Treatments. I went with this one, but it was MY  CHOICE!!! One treatment a day, 5 days a week, for about 6 weeks total.

I have my first sit down discussion appointment with the radiation oncologist this wednesday afternoon. We’re to discuss my treatment plan, possible side effects, etc. I won’t get a treatment that day, this is just a discussion appointment.

I am also to quit smoking cigarettes. Dr. Street gave me a script for a new stop smoking medication “Chantrix” that is to block the nicotine receptors in the brain. I will see if the medication is covered by welfare medical. If it is not, my parents have said that they’d be willing to help me get it.

It’s going to be about 180 mile daily round trip for the treatments, I know the milage now. But I’ll be going with a Welfare Medical “Sooner Ride” driver and not a friend driver. The gas reembursement doesn’t fully cover the current cost of gas. And while I do have an offer to stay at my brother’s home (just 4-5 miles away) during the weeks I get the treatments, I think I’ll feel better going home to my own bed and my own things every night! I may change my mind, we’ll see. (I also don’t think that dh and kiddo could survive 6-7 weeks alone together without me!!!)

I have plenty of sock knitting to do. Thanks to a recently received gift of sock yarns from a dear sweet friend, and a few small purchases at the LYS, and some small online purchases. My next “wishlist” purchase for online is for a yarn swift. I have a ball winder, need the swift, or so I tell myself!

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I went to the oncologist yesturday (saturday). I’ll post about the visit tomorrow, as I am still “digesting” some of the information etc.

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