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Weekly Update

Thursday I woke up just too ickly to go to treatment. I decided, however, that I’d plod on like a trooper and go on ahead and go to treatment anyway. A few minutes later my SoonerRide driver called to say that his minivan had overheated and he was waiting in front of the garage place for it open at 8 am, this was 7:15, and he was hoping they’d open early at 7:30 for him. I called the ride service office and talked to their dispatcher. I told her that if she’d please be kind enough to call me by 8:15 and let me know some kind of idea about what time they might be able to pick me up so I could let my doctor know I’d be most greatful. She did in fact call me back at that time. She said that they had just started working on the minivan’s radiator and had no idea when they’d be able to have it up and running. I told her that I felt bad and had been considering canceling to start with, so I was just going to cancel because I couldn’t very well call and say “I’ll be late and I haven’t got a clue when I’ll be able to be coming in today”. She asked me to kind when I filed a complaint, and I told her I had no intention of filing one. It was an unforeseen event, and besides I’d been considering canceling anyway and I just took this as a “sign” that I needed to stay home.

As it turned out my grandmother called, so it was good that I had stayed home that day. I didn’t miss the treatment, they will just tack it on the end and I’ll make it up!

I had forgotten to reserve my rides until thursday afternoon with SoonerRide. So I had to voucher tomorrow’s ride, so mom is taking me again. We aren’t doing a bigdeal lunch, just a quick bite because I don’t feel up to a bigdeal lunch again. We may hit three resale shops, which neither of us could think of last week but I have addresses for three of them this week. We also will do a little bit of shopping, mom said she’d get a few things to help us out.

While we are out tomorrow, Dad and my brother will come by the house and rig a repair for the bathroom floor. They also will replace the bathroom toilet. Yippie! We’ll save all the necessary receipts and deduct the $$ of off next month’s rent.

Well that’s it for this week. Take care. Leave comments, it’s the only way I’ll know you were here! (Oh, I deleat and report spam as spam, so spam won’t show!!!)


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My Treatment Team

Radiation TechniciansRadiation Therapists, “my” team

Dr. ConnieDr. Connie, my radiation oncologist

 TerryTerry, Dr. Connie’s nurse

nurse’s aideAmanda, Terry’s aide/assistant

    Receptionists Michelle and Angie, the Clinic’s receptionists

NIKI, new receptionist (not pictured yet)

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Since today ends a 3 day weekend in the USA, I decided to take an extra day to get the update in. Been a pretty uneventful week as far as things goes. I did decided to start takin my lunch of sorts starting this next. So I have my little lunch bag, blue ice, and got stuff to take instead of having to buy absolutely everything out. Hopefully this’ll save some $$ for me. (Some things I’ll still have to buy, but not all now!)

Haven’t, and shouldn’t, have the bad SoonerRide driver again. It seems alot of the other drivers don’t like him either!

Had today off of treatment due to it being a holliday, waahoo! I have four days this week.

Next monday mom will take me and we will make it a “Girls’ Day Out” together! We’ll play it by ear as to what we’ll do, and where we’ll go, but the main thing is that we’ll spend some time together!

Mom had given my a big soft cushy teddy bear to take to my treatments. He’s my treatment buddy. And for reasons unknown even to me, I have named him Edgar. I’ll try to charge the digital camera and get pics of my treatment team, and Edgar, and get them up.

“Quilted Knitter” part one, sock

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