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Yesturday we filed complaint with city water/sewer department about the sewer problems we’ve had here over the last three years. Today man from the city water/sewer department came to inspect and followup on the complaint. (Small town, and we live just across the street!) When he found out slumlady’s name he said, “….oh yes, she is a continuing problem for us with her properties…”

He also said that since the problem is the line that goes from the main to the house, it is the slumlady’s responsibilty to fix. What the will do is once we have the water shutoff, the are placing a service block on this address. Slumlady will have to prove to the city that she has the sewer line repaired before any water service will be allowed at this address again! They are also going to notify the Department of Enviromental Quality to inspect and insure that the sewer line is properly repaired. If it isn’t, slumlady will be fined!

Now once we’re completely out of this dump we’re going to see if the health department is the right folks to call about inspecting the black mold that’s been growing in the ceiling from the leaking roof for the last three years. Is it the common kind or the deadly kind of mold that’s been making us sick, congested, giving us headaches, etc for last three years? We’ll if it’s the health department, or someone else, we’ll find out.


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Last night slumlady came by for rent. She was po’d that I’d payed $100 to have temp repair on bathroom floor and toilet put in. Refused to give credit on rent. Said I had family do it and was trying to pull a scam on her. Said I owe her four times the back rent that I actually do, and gave us 30 days to vacate! She thinks she’s tossing us out and we’ll come crying and begging to stay, in this hell hole?

DH got a newspaper and we went and looked at a place today. We liked it. We paid the deposit and first month’s rent right off the bat! The electric gets turned on at new place tomorrow, off here by the 9th of next month. Since we’re only moving 7 miles, we’ll have the same phone company and internet, likely same phone number. Kiddo will also stay at the same school!

We’re getting rid of alot of junk we just don’t need/want bad enough to move. (Some of our stuff isn’t in good enough condition to survive a move to be honest.!) Like my pots and pans that are junky, we bought new ones and already put them away in the new place. We bought new trash cans and put them up.

Oh, and a wonderful thing is that the new place has a landlady that fixes things! She said that sometimes it may take her a couple of weeks, if parts have to be ordered or something, but she’ll get it fixed. OMG, that’ll be a nice change!

It’s a 2 bedroom duplex, with 1.5 bathrooms. Bedroom no.1 is downstairs with the full bath, kitchen/dining area, and living room. Upstairs is the master bedroom and half bath. Yup, no more billion and one trips across the dark house in the midle of night! (LOL)

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As of last thursday, I am done with radiation treatments. Sometime this week the doctor’s office is to contact me with the follow-up appointment information. My first follow-up appointment is to be in about a month.

I have been just a little bit of knitting, not much realy. I hope now that treatments are over, and as the side effects fade away, I’ll be able to do more knitting and designing.

I also haven’t done alot of housework, although I am getting back in to that a bit quicker. Reason is housework can more easily be done in short bursts. Also housework is something that by necessity has to be done, and must be done to keep the dh happy!

I have gotten in to doing paper crafts, especially making and trading Artists Trading Cards (ATC’s) on www.swap-bot.com . Check them out for swapping just about anything, especially ATC’s!

I will do my best to get back in to daily postings. I am feeling much better, and since I no longer have to make daily trips for treatment I will have the energy and the time to post hopefully.

I do ask one huge favor of y’all. This house is a shack and it’s falling apart, and quickly! We are now on the waiting list for a two bedroom appartment in a low income complex in the town over. There’s more to do there, public transpertation, and it’ll be better for our family when we move. My favor is to put this move on your prayer, meditation, chant, etc. list. Thanks.

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I am late updating, but it’s been a bit chaotic around here (and in my brain!).

Last week the side effects of radiation had gotten bed enough the endangered continuation of treatments! So Dr. Connie put me on a new medicine, took me off of another one, and gave me extra time off between the last few external beem treatments. She said that I would also have extra time off between the last external beem and the first High Dose Radiation (HDR) treatment, and extra time between each HDR.

I have my first of three HDR treatments tomorrow. This evening my brother, who lives within 5 miles of where I go for treatments, is coming to pick me up. I’ll be spending tonight and tomorrow after the treatment at his home. This way I don’t have to spend so much time traveling on treatment day, which (by the way) doubles the pain.

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