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reclamation-fabric.jpgThis is what I refer to as “reclamation fabric”. It is the fabric that for about three years served as the curtains in the kitchen window at the “dump/slum house”. I nolonger have a kitchen window, or need for kitchen curtain. But I absolutely love this fabric and I did make these in such a way that I could easily reclaim the fabric. The prints are just two differant color runs of the same print. The tan was cut and made into a long cafe panel that ran across the top of the window. The red is just one big panel.

Do I make placemats? Do I make coasters? I could use both. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

pin cushion 2pin cushion 1This is both sides of the same pin cushion. If you know the “Dear Jane” quilt, then you should recognize this pattern as H12. I made it for Bianca for PIF, and it will be mailed (with pins included!) first week of January. So if you too would like a nifty handmade goody, it may be sewn or knitted or crocheted, then scroll down to the PIF entry and say so. I have two more openings!

TacoThis is TACO, my parents’ chihuahua. I am babysitting Taco, have been overnight. He is the sweetest and most lovable little one! I want a little chihuahua of my very own now. DH said I could have one if I saved up the $$, so I guess I better start saving.


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Facing Seasonal Facts

Lets face some facts of the season:  (1)I am not going to be able to make daily posts right now, saying I’ll try is just living in denial! (2)Tis the season to avoid sappy emotional television specials, and special versions of regular programs. (3)Winter weather can suck, no sugar coating it, it just plain sucks! (4)Starting to drive during the winter after 24 years of not doing so, can and often does suck! (5) It’s best I keep my political opinions to myself, I’d piss off too many people if I posted them and it’s just not the season to make enemies.

Hey, speaking of being pissed off, I am a little peaved at y’all. No one has posted under my Pay It Forword! I am serious, post a comment and I’ll make something crafty for the first three requesting it. I’ll contact you to get your information and get the item to you withing first 6 months of 2008, no garuntees of it being any quicker! (Don’t post request in comments for this post, comment under PIF!)

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Stupid Servers………RRRRgh

I have been trying for an hour to even get the SWAP-BOT.COM page to come up, but keep getting the “Internet Explorer cannot display this page…..blah ….blah….blah….” type message instead! I have new rating, not a clue as to what they are because I cannot get on! I received ATC’s from a swap I am in but cannot give someone their ratings or let anyone know, because I cannot get on! I’ll give it one last try tonight then I am going to go bed and try again tomorrow.

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