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turtles starting to parade

Well the wall hanging is almost all together. I finished the last block today and began to construct the wall hanging. As you can tell from the pic, I am not piecing the center panel but doing it as one whole piece of fabric. Call it laziness, call it a love for this batik, whatever you want to call it this is how I chose to do this one!

I hope to have this finished and in the mail by next monday. The lady to whom it goes got out of the hospital today after a 3 motnh stay. Now you, and she for that matter, might be wondering just why turtles? Well I’ll tell her in a hand written letter, you’ll have to keep wondering!

Tomorrow I will go to my parents’ home and go to mom’s shed. I have stored my fabric stash there for about the last 3 or so years, and I am going to go shopping (and sorting and trashing) threw my stash tomorrow! I have a number of small, to smallish, projects lined up and which I chose to do next will depend highly on what I find (and in what condition I find it!) in my stash tomorrow. I’ll take kiddo’s camera to get good pic’s and let y’all know. {I figure I’ll have to wash and dry whatever I bring home as I was still a heavy smoker when I packed the stuff so it likely stinks like ciggies, eeewww.}


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\"First 3 Turtle Blocks Done\"

Here are the first three completed turtle blocks of gillion for the unknown number of turtle/tortoise quilts. I can’t finish the tortoise blocks because I don’t have the money to get the background fabric at the moment. I’d like/hope to be able, after the first of May, be able to find some beidge/light tan batik for the background of the tortoise blocks since the turtle blocks have a blue batik background and both the turtles and tortoises use the rusty batik fabric.


\"Norman Barely Posing\"

This is Norman my furbaby as of this morning. He’s grown some since I first got him, and he’s developed the “I own you” attitude of every macho chihuahua! We’ve got an application in to able to get him nutered for $10 instead of having to pay full price of $85. Hopefully we’ll back on that within the next 2-3 weeks.

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turtle quilt block

There are over 250 species of turtles. The fesh and salt water dwellers are called turtles and the land dwellers are called tortoises. So the blue backgroud blocks with the green on the outside rim are the turtles. When I get the beidge material for background with the green on the inside of the “shell”, those will be tortoises. This is the first turtle block in progress of appliquing the turtle on to the “water” background. The shiney bit in the midle of the block is the needle….lol!

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\"18 for turtles\"God bless my dh! I was saying how I’d soon have to stop working on the turtles for my quilt and work on the turtles for dgd’s quilt because I just didn’t have enough differant green fabrics to make mine looke good. So today dh gave me the little bit of $$ to get some fabrics! I got 18 differant, 19 total, straight 1/8ths of green fabrics. The strip on the far right, yes that’s just one, I got two of because it has that panel on both ends that takes up a bit of fabric.

Now if made according to the pattern there’s only 8 turtles per quilt/wall hanging. With the three good fabrics that I have, that makes 21, so that’s a possible total of 42 differant turtles! So obviously I am either enlarging the quilt, or I am making more than one. Possibly I may even do both, enlarge the quilt and make more than one of them. I have yet to decide fully.

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I may, or maynot, one day explain why I was gone from “blogland” for so long. Sufice it to say that for now, at the very least, I am back.

#27 Turtle TravelsThis is the current quilty project that I am working on. I am, or rather soon will be, working on it in a “two at once” fashion. In other words, I’ll be doing two quilts at once! Okay, not quite. I’ll be constructing the turtles for two quilts at the same time, but not doing the blocks just yet.

\This is a badly out of focus picture of the first turtle applique that I finished for this quilt. When I get alot more turtle appliques finished, I’ll see about barrowing Erchin’s brandspanking new digital vidio/still camera, which takes much better pics than mine does I can tell you that (TY to his Godmother!). This quilt if made as directed, comes out about crib/wall hanging size. I am doing a wall hanging to hand on the huge staircase wall. I also want to do a more brightly colored version, with much wider borders than called for in the pattern, for Summer (grand daughter).


Edited to add:

Click on any picture to go to a larger view.

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