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My mom bought some Avon from me. My neighbors have bought some Avon from me. Ahem, PLEASE WOULD Y’ALL GO BUY SOME AVON FROM ME? http://youravon.com/jmiraglio If you, someone or anyone, goes and buys some Avon from my online webstore I’ll shutup and quit whining/begging about it. (I promise!)


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That’s what I am to AVON, and that’s what I must put following my name on business cards. I will be getting some card stock, or pre-punch card stock for bussiness cards and print some on my computer. I also need to get a color ink cartridge for the printer so that I can do this all hopefully this week end sometime hopelly.

If you’d like to shop my online Avon shop, you can locate it quite easily by simply clicking this link :  http://www.youravon.com/jmiraglio . You shoup my online store 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year! Memorial day, Christmas Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, any and all hollidays the online shop will still be open for bussiness! You can shop in you jammies in the middle of the night, or stay in the jammies and shop at noon! Shop from the computer on your work desk at your lunch break, it doesn’t matter where or whenn but you can shop my online shop anytime!

If you live nearby to me you can check local delivery, and then not need to pay for your orders until I deliver them to you. Or you can pay online and have them shipped to you if you’re a friend and/or friend or family member who lives far away from me. My Aunt Rhonda and Uncle James could help Grandma order from Texas from me online! Other relatives in other places could order as well.

http://www.youravon.com/jmiraglio  is where you can go to begin your online Avon shopping experience. If you have questions, there’s even a link there for you to contact me and ask.

So please, even if you aren’t wanting to order any Avon rifht now, just take a look at how I set up my home page. http://www.youravon.com/jmiraglio

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AVON calling!!!

AVON Have a Great Day

Yes that’s right, I am now selling AVON! Click on http://www.youravon.com/jmiraglio and shop my online Avon store 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every single day of the year!  If I were techno savy I’d make that cute button/pic a link to my site, but I’m not.

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Tinker Bell Fabric


I had some fabric left over after making dgd her pillow case. I made a bag for a deck of cards and their book, picture on the bottom today.  Yesturday I made the apron, picture on the top, that is being held by my youngest son.  No what to do with the rest of the Tinker Bell fabric?

Since I don’t have a bunch of it left,  I may just make little gift bags for some of dgd’s birthday gifties. I may, as I have just enough to do it, use it to cover a paper mache box from WalMart and either give that to dgd,  give it to dgd’s other grandma, or keep the box myself! I may make a couple of fabric napkins and keep them. I may just keep the fabric until a purpose for it comes along. Yup, I’ll do that last one!

I’ve started my own sourdough starter. I’ll update you on that, give you links, etc. tomorrow.

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Yesturday I lost grocery money for the entire month’s worth of groceries! Bummed is merely code for what I will not put into print! EDITED TO ADD: my parents are lending us grocery money for the month!

Summer\'s Tinker Bells

This is the pillow case that I made dgd today. I know you cannot tell from the picture, but it’s a full normal sized pillow case. Actully it’s a little bit bigger than a “normal” pillow case as I made it big enough I could get my pillow, tempur pedic type pillows, in it easily. This way it should fit whatever pillow dgd is using right now while living with her mom and other grandparents. I have enough of the materials left I could make another pillow case, or something else for dgd. I am not sure what, if anything, I might make with it for this coming birthday of her’s (in July). {I guess I need to get her a pillow?}

I also have some Avon things for her as birthday gifts. I have four roll-on soap body paints for her, four differant trial sized bubble baths, four differant flavored lip balms, and a plastic little purse that can hold/carry the items if she so chooses.

Yesturday Norman was castrated. Now don’t comment and tell me it’s called Nutering, it isn’t. The papers from the vet say he castrated in that his testicls were removed. Anyway, he’s still a little tender and every now and then he acts a little gingerly. But for the most part he’s doing great. At this rate he’ll be completely back to normal within the next three days or so.


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