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I am a Quiter

My dh, read as dam hubby, said if I didn’t quit selling avon he’d leave me! So I will be quiting after the current avon sells campaign. Yes, I hate myself for it but have little other choice.


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My dh is being an asshole and half! Today I hate men.

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Ho hum

I haven’t sold alot of Avon, but it’s okay I guess. I haven’t had the money to buy the gas to go out and canvas for customers. My mother continues to be a good customer, my nextdoor neighbor made a small purchase, and I am stocking up on what I can aford to while I still qualify for the 50% discount. Another couple of campaigns and my discount will be based on my sales, which will bring me down to about 20% right now. I will put some more books out, check back on those I’ve left books with, and see if I can’t drum up some more sells for this campaign.

Sunday night kiddo and I will spend the night at my folks’ place. Monday afternoon I have an appointment out near their place, or rather closer to them than here. Mom will look at the Avon books and make another purchase. Take care till next time.

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