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Just A Note

We are due to have a possible ice storm over the next couple of days. I won’t be able to get out to my counceling due to the bad weather making driving difficult and possibley dangerous. Hopefully we won’t loose the phone, and the dialup, with the storm. I also hope we don’t loose the satelite services. (We recently expanded our satelite package to include the premium channels HBO’s, Starz’s, etc.)

Friday the satelite guy is coming out to install satelite in kiddo’s room. I’ll be getting a DVR installed in the masterbedroom, then moving the regular receiver to kiddo’s room. Then kiddo can watch satelite tv in his room without having to bargain with me to watch it on my television. I’ll have the dvr so I can record shows when I am not home, or record a show while I am watching a differant show. I can hardly wait.

I am nearly 75% done with my grandma’s gloves, her christmas gift. Then I need to finish kiddo’s teacher’s socks, and make mom’s second pair of fingerless gloves. I also have a couple of ufo’s, one which will land most deffinately land in the frog pond!

Well that’s the update note for now.


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Hanging In There

A week ago yesturday a friend of mine passed away. Her funeral was yesturday and I neither had the gas nor a ride to her out of town funeral. I wasn’t insanely close to her, I wasn’t intimately close either, but in the group in which we were both in she was my balancing person. You know, the person that keeps you from going off the deep end when you get upset about something or someone. The person that catches your eye and gives you that “don’t do it” look because they have in an instant read that you’re about to blow. Well she was mine and I never told her, nor did I tell her how much she ment to me. I will never get that chance now. I am hanging in there, but just.

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Today I learned that saturday night a dear friend of mine passed away. Please pray for her family. She was only 40 years old.

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Ok I generally don’t recomend music, or atleast I haven’t until now. Erin McCarley was being mildly promoted on Windows Media Center so I checked her out. Now with my slow dialup listening to 30 second samples of an mp3 is a total waste of time, I just can’t tell squat from the intermintent 1 and 2 second bursts of sound that I get. So I took a chance and spent 94 cents at my favorite mp3 online store for a single, “Lovesick Mistake”, -by Erin McCarley.

Y’all take a chance and buy her music! When I get DSL next month, it took nearly an hour for just a single, I plan onĀ  buying and downloading her entire album. She is great! If you go to Walmart dot com and find their mp3 store, you can listen to 30 second samples of her songs. Pick one and get it, she’s worth it!

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Bits N Pieces

I have been knitting away. I have finished my friend’s wrist warmers, but it’ll be a bit before I can give them to her. She is ill and away from home for awhile. So for now I’ll keep them ready. I have just started my grandmother’s gloves this evening. I will go by Mom and Dad’s and measure the length of Grandma’s fingers tomorrow so that I can be sure the gloves will fit.

I have been writing daily in my pen n paper journal. I write far more personal things than you’ll ever find here! Anyway, I have also started a poetry journal this year. I have been watching Oprah’s “Best Life” shows last week, and filled one journal with inspirational pieces for my “Best Life Journal Volume I”. “Best Life Journal Volume II” I will either use for additional inspirational pieces, inspirational pictures, or something of the like. “Best Life Journal III” is for inspirational quotes. These are to help me live my best life, not help me live someone’s idea of my best life!

A bit of good news, as far as I am concerned anyway, we are getting DSL internet next month! We will get a multi/duo port and possibly even a wireles but we’ll see. Untill then my posts will be in bits n pieces.

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