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Devon Ferree is Graduating 5-22-09

Devon Ferree is Graduating 5-22-09

Devon, aka Erchin, graduated from Jay High School in Jay, Oklahoma on Friday, May 22, 2009.  The last day of school isn’t until May 29, 2009, and the deploma’s are picked up a week or so after that. I know a bit confusing. Anyway, my youngest is done!

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I must appoligize for the lack of postings lately. I have gotten back to writing in my paper journal and finally decided to be gut wrenching honest in it. I tend to feel word-less when I think of posting on my blog. I try not to post anything too intimate or personal online, so sorry for the lack of posts.

About a month and a half ago I got hit with a hell of a chest pain! I meen it was so bad it knocked me to the floor on my knees! I couldn’t breath, couldn’t talk, and nearly passed out due to pain. No I didn’t go to the emergency room, no need to leave preachy comments I learned my lesson just read on. Then two weeks ago I had a coughing fit due to allergies and my chest began to hurt like heck again. Friends I was with talked me into calling 911 and I took and ambulance ride to the hospital about a half a mile away. Long story short is that I did NOT have a heart attack. Instead I had a most severe chest wall muscle sprain. I also got chewed out by ER doctor for not going to ER when it first happened and promised in the future I would should it happen again.

I now have DSL internet!!!!

I have a recent obsession of collecting blank journal books. So far I have eight with lined pages, two with graph paper pages, and two a friend has promised to give to me. That will be a total of twelve journal books! Ok, this doesn’t count the one I am writing in currently, just the blank ones! These are not kiddie diaries, or girlie cheap things. Nor are they fancy schmancy expencive books either. They are simple nice journals that I picked up, most of them at Walmart.

My youngest son graduates high school this friday but the last day of school isn’t until a week later. No, I don’t get it either. The way they are getting the seniors to come back after the graduation ceromony is that at the ceromony they are only getting deploma covers, they will get their deploma’s the last day of school!

Well I have several projects OTN, three are ufo’s, and two are wip’s. UFO’s are: cow cushion/doll, sock monkey doll, mitered square stadium blanket. WIP’s are: Panda Cotton Ann Norling Tee Shirt, and the Oddball Diagonal Sweater. I am not willing/able to post pics right now but will do at a later time.

Well hopefully this will be enough of a post for now. Take care and live peaceful.

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