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I have the crocheted lace shawl still going. Since I have had it for nearly 20 yrs and not finished it yet, I am obviously in no hurry to finish it. (I have decided not to lend it out before I have worn it myself!)

I have a stole begun in yellow peruvian wool for myself as a part of a KAL. Also as a part of the same KAL, I have another stole begun in Hot Rod Heather out of Shadow lace weight from Knit Picks for my Mom’s birthday in December. (SHHH! Don’t tell her!) If she wears it and not just treasures it storing it safely away in drawer taken out only to be shown off, then I’ll make her the “Peggy’s Shawl” since her name is in fact Peggy.  She’s been a little down since I haven’t made her anything since the kitchen dish cloths, and not too quiet about if prompted in the slightest.  {But then she has every right to be upset she is my mom and I’ve neglected her knittingwise!}

My youngest son will be moving out before long. I have very mixed feelings about it! It is what’s best for him, but still the mixed feelings. I know, it’s a mom thing.

I admit, I am addicted to lace. I am powerless over lace and I have absolutely no desire to control or stop it in any way! 12 steps, heck I’ll drive the 13 miles to the yarn shop for more yarn to make more lace first!

Untill the next time……………………………………………………………stay well my friends, and other folks.


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18 Years Old and Back Again!

I was digging threw my stash of needles in their box where they were stored and found a bag. In this bag was my 18 yr old crocheted shawl that was still unfinished. I have gotten it back out and started back to work on it. The older portion (from 18 yrs ago) is nicotine stained as I smoked back then. Also the tension in the newer part, as is the hook size, is looser/bigger.  All-in-all I dug it back out and have begun attempting to finish it. I didn’t use a pattern, and have changed stitch patterns all on a whim and change of moods. I’d like to keep working atleast until I have used up the thread that I have recently bought, but who knows when I’ll actually finish it! {I do have to come to atleast a stopping point within the next week as I promised a friend she could barrow it.}

18 yrs and still going!

18 yrs and still going!

I have decided to try and finish up a few ufo’s as I knit some new stuff. I am knitting on a simple noro shawl/shawlette with beads. I am letting the beauty of the yarn do the talking. The beads aren’t seen unless the light catches them, then they sparkle! That’s just the effect I wanted to acheive with the beads.
ignore the putz in the back, look at the shawl!

ignore the putz in the back, look at the shawl!

I had been have a reaccuring dream that a young friend of mine was pregnant for the last month and a half. I asked her last night if she was and she said yes, about 7 weeks along. Ah, I foresee me making baby presents in the fairly near future!
Well there’s no point in making excuses for the time away, so I won’t. I’ll be back as I can and rember to get back by here.

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