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I have been rather extremely deliquent at keeping in touch and I am sorry. Since I have started keep a hard copy journal I forget to blog. No  excuse, but in a nut shell that’s the truth behind my absence.

I am nearly done with mother’s lace stole for Christmas. It’s “Concerto” so if you’re on Ravelry you can look it up. I’ll post a pic of Mom’s as soon as it’s done and blocked.

I am only about half done with my brother’s Sweedish/Huck Weaving Afghan. As soon as I am done with Mom’s I have got to get cracking on this afghan again.

My nephew’s gift is completely store bought. It’s a tee shirt and an aftershave/cologne set. I don’t see him very often so an IOU knitted gift would be beyond lame here for him!

My Dad will get a funky knitted hat IOU with a Summer Sausage/Cheese gift package.

more tomorrow,  i swear!


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