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I have two shawls on the active rotation list, (it was four but one was put in the sidelines as these others have deadlines and one is being replaced). I have one pattern on its way to me snail mail. I have yet another I purchased via pdf download from Ravely designer BadCatDesigns (Check her desins out!), and another one from Ravelry designer Sharon Winsauer (search using designer’s name and all of her pdf designs will show up). Yes, my maddness is growing!

My 48th birthday is the day after tomorrow. Most of my family, however, celebrated it over the weekend. My mother and I did our Mother/Daughter get-together on friday. {Lunch out, go to Indian Casino and gamble my free birthday bucks away, and a movie.} There was a differance this year. Due to the heavy downpour of rain, we opted to go to her house and view a pay per view movie instead of going to the theater. 

I stayed over at my Mom and Dad’s home over the weekend to help my Mom some more and because my brother and sister in law were coming up on saturday. They came up and my brother said he’d take me out to eat anywhere I wanted to go in a nearby large city (no real choice in our small town). I choose “Outback Steakhouse” and I had the currently advertised steak and lobster tail special. (YUM!) On the way back  we stopped at another Indian Casino where my brother gave me $25 for gambling. I left having won $15 thus leaving with $40 I didn’t have when I walked in! (I have spent it today on the mentioned above patterns.)

My mother is having caterac surgery this thursday and I will drive her to and from the dr’s for that. I will also spend wednesday (birthday) night with her so that I can drive her first thing on thursday.

Have a blessed life!


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All is Well, and so on!

Well it’s Sunday evening. Last friday morning I had my colonoscopy. Everything is fine, there wasn’t even any notable radiation damage, it’s seems all is well. My dad, however, was the one with me and he didn’t ask any additional questions beyond what the doctor volunteered. The “and so on” is the part that if all is as it should be, why do I have the digestive problems that I have?

I am still knitting on my graduated scarf. I promise, I’ll post a pic when it’s done.

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You’ve likely heard of the online social networks of Facebook and MySpace. But have you heard of RAVELRY? Ravely, to over simplify and put it my words, is a kick but social network for knitters and crocheters. You can keep track of your projects, hooks/needles, yarns, patterns, etc. You can shair patterns, sell patterns, shair pictures of WIP’s, UFO’s, FO’s, and the like. You have to ask to join, then after waiting a bit they send you an invitation to join. If you knit and/or crochet come on over and sign up. If you already are a member of Ravely look me up I am CAFFINNA.

Still haven’t heard from the doctor about the test results. I have three curent knitting projects going–Mom’s fingerless gloves; skinny scarves, a commisioned job; and a gift for a friend. (If you want to see  the pictures, they’re over at Ravelry I’ll try to get them up here in the next week or so.) If I get the money I’ll mail dgd her presents soon.

Well have a peaceful holliday season!

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Shopping in Joplin, MO

Friday I went shopping, with a group of friends, in Joplin, MO. I was able to get my brother, who’s name I drew in the family name draw, his present. I got a present for my youngest son to give nephew’s girlfriend Stacey, who’s name he drew, for Christmas. I got my youngest son a cool hip tee shirt for Christmas. I got a ceramic Christmas tree ornament of Holstein cow wearing antlers for my dad who collects the cows. I got myself a couple double purpose pajama/outer wear pants from Old Navy; pajamas, and a tee shirt from another store; sweat pants and a free pair of limited edition underwear from Victoria’s Secret for me.

I am still waiting to get the results of my papsmear done the first of the month. Doctor found some sucpious bleeding and well I am anxious as to what that implies.

That’s all for now. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

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Happy Day!!!

Happy Belated Thanksgiving Day to the Americans! Happy Day to all!

"look, it's for me!"

I decided to make myself a pair of socks! I mean since I’ve been making socks for others I haven’t made myself a pair. It’s about time, IMHO, that I make myself a pair. The yarn is from the Design Line of Regia by Kaffe Fassett, #32633 (I am sorry offhand I don’t know the “name” of the color). It’s a self striping yarn and it’s prettier than this picture portrays it as.

I drew my brother’s name in the family Christmas Present Name Draw. I wanted to draw my brother’s namw. Now that I have, however, I haven’t got a clue as to what to get him! I am going with some friends to Joplin, MO a week from today, so hopefully I can find/figure something on that shopping trip. I hope I can get him something that will atleast be liked well enough that my brother won’t wish that someone else had gotten his name!

I hope to get my little 3ft table topper Christmas Tree up and decorated this weekend. I always leave the lights strung on the tree as that’s easiest. But I need to hang the little mini-ornaments and the few regular ornaments on the tree. I now have a proper little tree skirt and tree topper, the skirt was a gift and the topper I bought at WalMart.

I also want to get our stockings hung on the wall as well as the other Christmas decorations hung this weekend. I have the wall panel to hang outside, the wreath to hang inside, plaques to hang outside, and misc other items to place aroung the home. I have the tiny ceramic lighted tree to place, and other items I can’t quite recall at the moment.

Well I have first of month errands, extra errands, and doctor’s appoints to take care of on Monday. Grocery shopping and group therapy to do on Tuesday. I hope to update and bore y’all again sometime over the weekend, so be prepaired!

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Since today ends a 3 day weekend in the USA, I decided to take an extra day to get the update in. Been a pretty uneventful week as far as things goes. I did decided to start takin my lunch of sorts starting this next. So I have my little lunch bag, blue ice, and got stuff to take instead of having to buy absolutely everything out. Hopefully this’ll save some $$ for me. (Some things I’ll still have to buy, but not all now!)

Haven’t, and shouldn’t, have the bad SoonerRide driver again. It seems alot of the other drivers don’t like him either!

Had today off of treatment due to it being a holliday, waahoo! I have four days this week.

Next monday mom will take me and we will make it a “Girls’ Day Out” together! We’ll play it by ear as to what we’ll do, and where we’ll go, but the main thing is that we’ll spend some time together!

Mom had given my a big soft cushy teddy bear to take to my treatments. He’s my treatment buddy. And for reasons unknown even to me, I have named him Edgar. I’ll try to charge the digital camera and get pics of my treatment team, and Edgar, and get them up.

“Quilted Knitter” part one, sock

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Thursday I had my CT scan at the radiation oncologist’s. But before I get to that, there’s the incompetant sob driver!

The driver showed up in more than enough time to pick up his other passangers and get me to my appointment in time. That is ofcourse assuming he had been competant and know where the hell he was going! But ofcourse this guy, otherwise nice, didn’t. He got me to my appointment an entire hour late! Twice this man has driven me for SoonerRide, and twice now he has gotten me to this same place late! (And he had the nerve to tell me that it was unusual for him to arrive late!) Then before I was done, which ofcourse took longer because I was an hour late getting there, he came in and demanded to know exactly when I would be done so he’d know when he could be heading back! (The doctor’s office told me they in no way wanted him on their property if I could avoid it, and they understood that I could only file a complaint. I filed two complaints:#1, getting there an entire hour late, thus missing the meditation class, plus being bumped for everything else; #2, driver coming in and demanding to know when I’d be done, it’s none of his business!)

 Ok, as  far as thursday went. I drank the first bottle of “goop” (Barrium Sulfate) wednesday night before bed. The seconed bottle I drank at the time I should have been at the doctor’s but was still on the way to doctor’s. I had the CT scan just fine. I also had bloodwork done before the scan. After the doctor got the results of both of those, they did a radiation treatment simulation, and gave me three little dot ink tatoo’s. The tatoo’s, which I have to point out or you’ll miss them, is so they can place me in exactly the same position each and every time for the radiation treatment.

Then friday my oncologist’s nurse called me at home. My oncologist is on vacation until after labor day, but the nurse got the results of the bloodwork done thursday and looked at my chart. She needs one of the partner’s to confirm, but my doctor wrote in my chart if the bloodwork had a certain result I was to also get once a week mini-chemo treatment along with the radiation treatments. Aparently my bloodwork came back within the limits my doctor set, but since he’s out of town a partner needs to confirm the order.

Anyway, monday I go for weekly exrays and meeting with the radiation oncologist. Since I haven’t started radiation yet, I will have a simulation to make sure everything is set correctly in the computer, and everyone is ready to start on tuesday. Then I will go across town and get a PIC line put in so the I can get the once weekly mini-chemo.

My parents’ will be taking me monday thru wednesday this next week. Then I go back to SoonerRide. I more than likely will end up getting the same incompetant driver. If he screws up even once, I’ll go back to either my parents taking me or my brother. It’s easier to change SoonerRide from driver to gas voucher at the last minute, whereas it’s impossible to do visa versa!

There you have it, an update, albeit a bit late.

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