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I have two shawls on the active rotation list, (it was four but one was put in the sidelines as these others have deadlines and one is being replaced). I have one pattern on its way to me snail mail. I have yet another I purchased via pdf download from Ravely designer BadCatDesigns (Check her desins out!), and another one from Ravelry designer Sharon Winsauer (search using designer’s name and all of her pdf designs will show up). Yes, my maddness is growing!

My 48th birthday is the day after tomorrow. Most of my family, however, celebrated it over the weekend. My mother and I did our Mother/Daughter get-together on friday. {Lunch out, go to Indian Casino and gamble my free birthday bucks away, and a movie.} There was a differance this year. Due to the heavy downpour of rain, we opted to go to her house and view a pay per view movie instead of going to the theater. 

I stayed over at my Mom and Dad’s home over the weekend to help my Mom some more and because my brother and sister in law were coming up on saturday. They came up and my brother said he’d take me out to eat anywhere I wanted to go in a nearby large city (no real choice in our small town). I choose “Outback Steakhouse” and I had the currently advertised steak and lobster tail special. (YUM!) On the way back  we stopped at another Indian Casino where my brother gave me $25 for gambling. I left having won $15 thus leaving with $40 I didn’t have when I walked in! (I have spent it today on the mentioned above patterns.)

My mother is having caterac surgery this thursday and I will drive her to and from the dr’s for that. I will also spend wednesday (birthday) night with her so that I can drive her first thing on thursday.

Have a blessed life!


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the Veil

"Lookie, in just an hour...after several days!"

Last week while at the LYS, the owner suggested the I save the KP  AC in “Dill” the I was using for VOI since it was my favorite and had been discontinued. After much thoaght, I realized she was right that I should save my favorite yarn for something for me. I stocked up on this yarn and can not get any more, so I decided to save it for myself.

I am, instead using two other colors of KP’s AC, the two purple ones. If I am not mistaken one of them is also discontinued, but that’s ok with me.

About the “Veil of Isis” shawl. It took me a bit of work to get my head wrapped around the concept and get going on it. Once I did I was able to get going pretty good. This may not be a beginner’s pattern, maybe advanced beginner but definately not beginner. 

Next Wednesday is my 48 birthday! 40 was a breeze. 30 wasn’t any problem. Turning 25 was hell! I went around thinking “OMG I am a quarter of acentury old and have done nothing with my life!” The fact that I am nearly 50 doesn’t bother me as much as it does my mother….lol…..she says she’s not old enough to have a daughter as old as I am!

Anyway, I work on “New Leaf” when I need break from “Veil”. I have found a shawl pattern of a butterfly, and am seriously thinking of getting it and making it for mom instead of “Limberlost Luna” and calling it a butterfly. We shall see as I have the truck’s insurance to pay this month as well.

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First of all I have updated and corrected the timezone of my blog. So the time and date of my enteries will now reflect the local (for me) time and date at the time of the entery. Previously it was whatever it had been set on as I had never programed it.

I have also changed the “purpose” of this blog. Previously it was the prestated one that WordPress had when I moved my blog over here from “that other place”.  I have now given it my own words, my own taste you could say, and it’s good to go.

Changes. I was only going to blog about the Leaf patterned shawl and not the others that I have going. Well phewy on that! I am going to blog on my knitting. All of my knitting. Blog about my lace shawls. Blog about socks. Blog about whatever it is that I happen to be knitting.

About the groups, I joined what may seem like a multitude of knitting, lace knitting, shawl knitting, and simular groups over the last 3-4 days. I am so in to knitting lace and lace shawls that I needed the support. A couple of the groups are for specific shawls and/or types of shawls.

I put my MMKKMystery shawl on hold out of frustration with the yarn I was using for mine and the fact I kept goofing up. That’s when I started “New Leaf” . I have started another “Limberlost  Luna” which I am calling “Boofly”. Last friday at the local yarn shop, in front of everyone, my mother announced that she “wouldn’t mind getting a butterfly shawl”. So I have started one for Mom. I have done clue one and nearly all of clue two since yesturday. (It took a few days to figure out just what yarns I had in stash that would work. Then contact Mom and have her choose a color.  Mom, naturally, chose her favorite red! )

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In the area of accessories, I ordered and received the Knit Picks ‘pattern keeper’. Opened up it’s just a touch bigger than a piece of say notebook paper. It’s a magnetic board inside, and came complete with its own skinny magnets! I have fired my old cookie sheet from its position as magnetic board, and using this far more appropriate (and much classier) ‘Project Keeper’.

I started ordering misc. Option’s Interchangeable Needle tips from Knit Picks. I also had ordered a full set of the cables and a number of the connectors. Then I decided that instead of buying extra yarn, to go ahead and purchase the set of Zephyr (Clear Acrylic) Options Interchangeable Knitting Needles. At the same time I ordered the clear cable pouches to hold the cables, end caps, etc.  There are four sizes not in the set that you can purchase separately, and I have purchased one already. I plan to purchase at least one a month until I have them all. I will then begin to purchase the Harmony wood tips, and the metal tips until I have those sets as well!

In the UK they offer one larger size and two smaller that are not offered here in the US. They only come in the metal and the wood needle tips. I ordered the larger (15 mm {US 19})needle tips in both the metal and wood. I will also be ordering the two smaller sizes(3mm and 3.25mm), again in the metal and the wood, as soon as I can.  I have no affiliation other than being a very satisfied customer, but check out “Get Knitted” in the UK at http://www.getknitted.com/ even if you’re in the United States!

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I took my knitting with me to a morning appointment. As I was leaving my morning appointment my mother called me and offered to take me to lunch at Sandra’s Diner for catfish. (This was a town over from where I was, you know how small towns go). After lunch I went over to the local yarn shop, I was in town anyway. So I went to the local yarn shop for about 3 hours today, an extra treat indeed!

I am working away on New Leaf. I’ll be sure to post pictures tomorrow.

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I have the crocheted lace shawl still going. Since I have had it for nearly 20 yrs and not finished it yet, I am obviously in no hurry to finish it. (I have decided not to lend it out before I have worn it myself!)

I have a stole begun in yellow peruvian wool for myself as a part of a KAL. Also as a part of the same KAL, I have another stole begun in Hot Rod Heather out of Shadow lace weight from Knit Picks for my Mom’s birthday in December. (SHHH! Don’t tell her!) If she wears it and not just treasures it storing it safely away in drawer taken out only to be shown off, then I’ll make her the “Peggy’s Shawl” since her name is in fact Peggy.  She’s been a little down since I haven’t made her anything since the kitchen dish cloths, and not too quiet about if prompted in the slightest.  {But then she has every right to be upset she is my mom and I’ve neglected her knittingwise!}

My youngest son will be moving out before long. I have very mixed feelings about it! It is what’s best for him, but still the mixed feelings. I know, it’s a mom thing.

I admit, I am addicted to lace. I am powerless over lace and I have absolutely no desire to control or stop it in any way! 12 steps, heck I’ll drive the 13 miles to the yarn shop for more yarn to make more lace first!

Untill the next time……………………………………………………………stay well my friends, and other folks.

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18 Years Old and Back Again!

I was digging threw my stash of needles in their box where they were stored and found a bag. In this bag was my 18 yr old crocheted shawl that was still unfinished. I have gotten it back out and started back to work on it. The older portion (from 18 yrs ago) is nicotine stained as I smoked back then. Also the tension in the newer part, as is the hook size, is looser/bigger.  All-in-all I dug it back out and have begun attempting to finish it. I didn’t use a pattern, and have changed stitch patterns all on a whim and change of moods. I’d like to keep working atleast until I have used up the thread that I have recently bought, but who knows when I’ll actually finish it! {I do have to come to atleast a stopping point within the next week as I promised a friend she could barrow it.}

18 yrs and still going!

18 yrs and still going!

I have decided to try and finish up a few ufo’s as I knit some new stuff. I am knitting on a simple noro shawl/shawlette with beads. I am letting the beauty of the yarn do the talking. The beads aren’t seen unless the light catches them, then they sparkle! That’s just the effect I wanted to acheive with the beads.
ignore the putz in the back, look at the shawl!

ignore the putz in the back, look at the shawl!

I had been have a reaccuring dream that a young friend of mine was pregnant for the last month and a half. I asked her last night if she was and she said yes, about 7 weeks along. Ah, I foresee me making baby presents in the fairly near future!
Well there’s no point in making excuses for the time away, so I won’t. I’ll be back as I can and rember to get back by here.

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