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I have the VOI shaw going  for the family reunion. I have a KAL of the shawl “Persian Princess” by the same designer as the VOI, Bad Cat Designs (you can search for her if you’re on Ravelry). I have a new KAL due to start next saturday, and even another one the saturday after that. Both of those by Goddess Knits. I am, don’t forget, also doing the German Shawl version A; and the Estonian Lace Triangular Leaf Shawl, “New Leaf”.

So let’s take a moment and count the shawls that are going, and/or will be within the next couple of weeks. (Nevermind the KAL that’ll start in July, that’s a ways off for now…lol!) One, VOI; two, PP; three, GermanVA; four,New Leaf shawl; five, GK1; six, GK2; and that’s provided I don’t get bored and add in even more!

Yes, Knit ALongs, An Addiction To Remember!!!


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I have two shawls on the active rotation list, (it was four but one was put in the sidelines as these others have deadlines and one is being replaced). I have one pattern on its way to me snail mail. I have yet another I purchased via pdf download from Ravely designer BadCatDesigns (Check her desins out!), and another one from Ravelry designer Sharon Winsauer (search using designer’s name and all of her pdf designs will show up). Yes, my maddness is growing!

My 48th birthday is the day after tomorrow. Most of my family, however, celebrated it over the weekend. My mother and I did our Mother/Daughter get-together on friday. {Lunch out, go to Indian Casino and gamble my free birthday bucks away, and a movie.} There was a differance this year. Due to the heavy downpour of rain, we opted to go to her house and view a pay per view movie instead of going to the theater. 

I stayed over at my Mom and Dad’s home over the weekend to help my Mom some more and because my brother and sister in law were coming up on saturday. They came up and my brother said he’d take me out to eat anywhere I wanted to go in a nearby large city (no real choice in our small town). I choose “Outback Steakhouse” and I had the currently advertised steak and lobster tail special. (YUM!) On the way back  we stopped at another Indian Casino where my brother gave me $25 for gambling. I left having won $15 thus leaving with $40 I didn’t have when I walked in! (I have spent it today on the mentioned above patterns.)

My mother is having caterac surgery this thursday and I will drive her to and from the dr’s for that. I will also spend wednesday (birthday) night with her so that I can drive her first thing on thursday.

Have a blessed life!

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You’ve likely heard of the online social networks of Facebook and MySpace. But have you heard of RAVELRY? Ravely, to over simplify and put it my words, is a kick but social network for knitters and crocheters. You can keep track of your projects, hooks/needles, yarns, patterns, etc. You can shair patterns, sell patterns, shair pictures of WIP’s, UFO’s, FO’s, and the like. You have to ask to join, then after waiting a bit they send you an invitation to join. If you knit and/or crochet come on over and sign up. If you already are a member of Ravely look me up I am CAFFINNA.

Still haven’t heard from the doctor about the test results. I have three curent knitting projects going–Mom’s fingerless gloves; skinny scarves, a commisioned job; and a gift for a friend. (If you want to see  the pictures, they’re over at Ravelry I’ll try to get them up here in the next week or so.) If I get the money I’ll mail dgd her presents soon.

Well have a peaceful holliday season!

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