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I came across a new yarn, well it’s new to me. I am using Crystal Palace’s “Panda Superwool”, it’s 51% bamboo, 39% superwash wool, and 10% nylon. This yarn is the softest stuff, and it’s a dream to knit with so far. I highly recomend this yarn. I’ll post more on it later.


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Today I picked up my pain medication from the pharmacy. It’s nothing very strong, pretty weak in fact, but then I didn’t want anything real strong right now. If I had something strong enough to completely take away the pain I’d be doing more than I should. So I had asked Dr. Troll for something stronger than over-the-counter, but not alot stronger. I guess to manage the pain not get rid of it.

I worked on the second sock of a gift pair today. I should be able to finish within the next day or two, then get to work on my pattern design sock for a friend’s upcoming book. (I’ll post details and a link when it’s appropriate.) Which brings to me next subject.

For my sock design I am using “PANDA COTTON” (PC) in ‘Sprite Green’ for the cuffs, heals, and toes and the main colorway for the bulk of the sock I am using ‘Seascape’. Now I have only done 10 rows of the ribbing in Sprite, I had to the yarn made me do it and threatened to not me finish the gift sock if I didn’t play with it for awhile (this is my story and I am sticking to it!) These yarns are from Crystal Palace Yarns ( ww.straw.com ).

“PC” has a wonderful hand. The limit use of it so far has been most pleasant and quite the dream! Like all bamboo based yarns if you use super needles and/or knitt too tightly, you may experiance some issues with spliting, I haven’t yet but that’s a charactoristic of alot bamboo yarns. I will write a better review of this sock yarn when I’ve at least finished the first sock of the pair. (Sorry but I cannot post picture of the until after the book is published and out!) But do go ahead and get some of this yarn from www.straw.com

I dug some bulky yarn out of the laundry room stash just awhile ago. I have a couple of triagle shawls I wear around the house when I need/want to. I got thinking a bed shawl would be nice to have to take to the hospital, but these triangle ones won’t work well because the ends will get sat on. So I am going to makeself a long rectangle one. I’ll flip threw my Knitting calendar to choose a pattern, or just make garter stitch.

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